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1829-1873, Scottish Jurist,
The Scottish Jurist; Containing reports of cases decided in the House of Lords, Courts of Session, Tiends, and Exchequer, and the Jury and Justiciary
Courts (during the period): Vol. 1-46, pt. 5, 1829-73, titles and imprints vary, Edinburgh, 1829-73, all published. (After Vol. 46, pt. 5, the
coverage of this series merged into that of Session Cases, Series 4, see elsewhere on this site. The term “Tiends” in the title refers to the annuity-tax,
or the “annuity of tiends”; i.e., annuity of tithes, which under Scottish law was an impost levied annually for the maintenance of the ministers of
religion. The term “Exchequer” related primarily to questions of Crown revenue. The Jury Court was created in 1815, ostensably for the benefit of the
House of Lords, which, upon hearing Scottish appeals, needed an independent body to determine facts. This experiment was first implemented in 1815, using
a separate Jury Court, but in 1830 the powers and duties of the Jury Court were transferred to the Court of Session. The Justiciary Court had its
origin in the early Court of the Justiciar, an office entangled in the system of nobility, which eventually became vested in the family of the Duke of
Argyll, although the actual duties were often as not delegated to professionals. In that era the court held both civil and criminal jurisdiction. In its
modern form, established in 1672, the court became the principal court for criminal trials.)
Title:   The Scottish jurist : reformatted from the original and including, The Scottish jurist ...
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