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1838-62, Session Cases, 2Ser.
Cases decided in the Court of Session from (Nov. 13, 1838 to July 28, 1862), reported by Alexander Dunlop et al: Vol. 1-24, Edinburgh/London, Thomas
Clark/Saunders & Benning, 1839 to Edinburgh/London, T.T. Clark/V. & R. Stevens, 1862, all published? (The Middle Temple Library copy of this series
contains an additional, 25th book, with spine labeled “Vol. 1862”, in 204 pages. LLMC assumes that this is an integral part of the 2nd series and
solicits a copy for scanning. Midway in this series coverage was expanded to include the Tiend Court and Scottish cases in the House of Lords. The term
“Tiend” refers to the annuity-tax, or the “annuity of tiends”; i.e., annuity of tithes, which under Scottish law was an impost levied annually for the
maintenance of the ministers of religion. Although the bindings numbering indicates the fact, the legend “Second Series” does not appear in any of the
Title:   Session cases, 2nd ser. : reformatted from the original and including, Cases decided in the Court of Session ...
OCLC Number:   732678139
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Vol. 1 1838-39YesYes
Vol. 2 1839-40YesNo
Vol. 3 1840-41YesNo
Vol. 4 1841-42YesYes
Vol. 5 1842-43YesYes
Vol. 6 1843-44YesNo
Vol. 7 1844-45YesYes
Vol. 8 1845-46YesNo
Vol. 9 1846-47YesNo
Vol. 10 1847-48YesNo
Vol. 11 1848-49YesYes
Vol. 12 1849-50YesYes
Vol. 13 1850-51YesYes
Vol. 14 1851-52YesNo
Vol. 15 1852-53YesYes
Vol. 16 1853-54YesYes
Vol. 17 1854-55YesYes
Vol. 18 1855-56YesYes
Vol. 19 1856-57YesYes
Vol. 20 1857-58YesYes
Vol. 21 1858-59YesYes
Vol. 22 1859-60YesYes
Vol. 23 1860-61YesYes
Vol. 24 1861-62YesYes