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1821-38, Session Cases, 1Ser,
Cases decided in the Court of Session from (Nov. 13, 1827 to July 11, 1838), reported by Patrick Shaw et al: Vol. 6–16 only, Edinburgh, Wm.
Blackwood, 1828 to Edinburgh/London, Thomas Clark/Saunders & Benning, 1828-38, all publ. (The Court of Session is Scotland’s supreme civil court, and over the
years absorbed a number of earlier courts which formerly competed with its original jurisdiction. For example in 1830 it absorbed the duties of the
separate Jury Court and the civil jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court. It does not hear appeals in criminal cases, but that distinction is somewhat
nominal, since today the same fifteen judges who sit in Scotland’s supreme civil court are concurrently Commissioners of Justiciary, so that they sit as
the judges in the separate supreme court for criminal matters, the Justiciary Court. The legend “First Series” does not appear in any of these books.
LLMC is offering only the second half, V. 6-16, 1827-38, of this series at this time. For an enhanced edition of the beginning of this series, V. 1-5,
see Session Cases, 1st Ser., 2ed., elsewhere on this site.)
Title:   Cases decided in the Court of Session.
OCLC Number:   724516794
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Vol. 5 1826-27YesNo
Vol. 6 1827-28YesYes
Vol. 7 1828-29YesYes
Vol. 8 1829-30YesYes
Vol. 9 1830-31YesYes
Vol. 10 1831-32YesYes
Vol. 11 1832-33YesYes
Vol. 12 1833-34YesYes
Vol. 13 1834-35YesYes
Vol. 14 1835-36YesYes
Vol. 15 1836-37YesYes
Vol. 16 1837-38YesYes