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1773 - Debates & Proceedings of the House of Assembly
The Parliamentary Reporter; Debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly of the Province of Prince Edward Island: 1860-, Charlottetown, var. gov.
pr., 1860-93. (Severed from Nova Scotia in 1769, Prince Edward Island received a constitution in 1773 providing for an Executive Council, a nominated
Legislative Council and an elective Assembly. The Legislative Council had 9 members, who also constituted the Executive Council. Somewhat unusually
it numbered in its membership the Anglican Bishop of Nova Scotia. Another retained tie to Nova Scotia was that the Prince Edward Island militia
remained under the overall command of the Nova Scotia Commander of Forces. The legislature conducted most of the affairs of the colony, even the municipal
services that would have been the charge of lower levels of government in the more urbanized colonies. Responsible government was established in 1851.
Until 1894 the legislature consisted of two houses: the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly. From 1856 to 1859 the debates of the Legislative
Council were published jointly with those of the House of Assembly in a publication entitled the Parliamentary Reporter. In 1860 the Parliamentary
Reporter became the Official Debates of the House, and the Legislative Council began publishing its own debates and proceedings in a separate series.
In 1894 the legislature was reconstituted into a unicameral body known as the Legislative Assembly. The latter body did not publish its debates. As of
6/11 LLMC’s run of the present title was limited to 1866-92, with many gaps. The gift or loan of gap-fillers would be much appreciated.)
Title:   Debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island : reformatted from the original and including, Parliamentary reporter, or, debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island ...
OCLC Number:   871171843
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