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1758/60-, Debates & Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly
Debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly … of the Province of Nova Scotia: 1868-, Halifax, Queen’s Pr., 1868-. (The debates and proceedings
were published daily during session. They contain some, but nowhere near all, of the information included in the formal journals, which were published
at the end of the session. As of 04/20/11, for the Debates of the Legislative Assembly, LLMC held 1868-1895, with gaps. Assistance for gifts and loans
to fill out those gaps would be much appreciated.)
Title:   Debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly ... of the province of Nova Scotia : reformatted from the original and including, Parliamentary debates ... of the province of Nova Scotia ...
OCLC Number:   753939211
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1st Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1868YesYes
2nd Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1869YesYes
4th Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1871YesNo
1st Sess. 25th Gen. Assy. 1872YesNo
2nd Sess. 25th Gen. Assy. 1873YesNo
3rd Sess. 25th Gen. Assy. 1874YesNo
1st Sess. 26th Gen. Assy. 1875YesYes
2nd Sess. 29th Gen. Assy. 1888YesYes
3rd Sess. 29th Gen. Assy. 1889YesYes
4th Sess. 29th Gen. Assy. 1890YesNo
2nd Sess. 30th Gen. Assy. 1892YesYes
3rd Sess. 30th Gen. Assy. 1893YesYes
4th Sess. 30th Gen. Assy. 1894YesYes
1st Sess. 31st Gen. Assy. 1895YesYes
2nd Sess. 31st Gen. Assy. 1896YesYes
3rd Sess. 31st Gen. Assy. 1897YesYes
1st Sess. 32nd Gen. Assy. 1898YesYes