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1833-, House of Assembly Journals
Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Colony of Newfoundland: 1833-, St. Johns, var. gov. printers, ser. continues. (Although the first
London-appointed governor of Newfoundland took residence in 1728, it was almost a century later, 1825, before a nominated Executive Council was appointed. In
1832 the constitution was liberalized to provide for a nominated Legislative Council and an elective House of Assembly. The reconstituted legislature
held its first session in 1833. Newfoundland acquired responsible governance in 1855, the same year in which it was granted to New South Wales and
Victoria in Australia. The colony declined to join in the Canadian federation movement in 1867, and might remain a British colony today had not it run
afoul of the Great Depression and fallen into bankruptcy in 1935. At that point the constitution was suspended and governance passed into the hands of
a “Commission of Government”; three members from Newfoundland and three appointed from Great Britain. Under that regime, the “Governor in Commission”
administered the colony’s affairs, reporting only to the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs in London. This unique constitutional arrangement
continued until 1949, when Newfoundland took refuge in federation with Canada, and local constitutional governance was restored. In the new
dispensation, the legislature became unicameral, and the Legislative Assembly undertook responsible governance, with 13 of its 28 members comprising an Executive
Council, or cabinet, headed by a Premier.)
Title:   Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland.
OCLC Number:   752313834
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6th Sess. 2nd Gen Assy. 1841YesYes
1st Sess. 6th Gen Assy. 1855YesYes
3rd Sess. 6th Gen Assy. 1857YesYes
4th Sess. 6th Gen. Assy. 1858YesYes
2nd Sess. 7th Gen Assy. 1860-61YesNo
3rd Sess. 8th Gen Assy. 1863YesYes
4th Sess. 8tlh Gen Assy. 1864YesYes
5th Sess. 8th Gen Assy. 1865YesYes
1st Sess. 9th Gen Assy. 1866YesYes
2nd Sess. 9th Gen Assy. 1867YesYes
3rd Sess. 9th Gen. Assy. 1868YesYes
4th Sess. 9th Gen. Assy. 1869YesYes
1st Sess. 10th Gen. Assy. 1870YesYes
2nd Sess. 10th Gen Assy. 1871YesYes
1st Sess. 11th Gen. Assy. 1874YesNo
1st Sess. 12th Gen. Assy. 1875YesNo
3rd Sess. 12th Gen. Assy. 1877YesYes
4th Sess. 12th Gen. Assy. 1878YesYes
1st Sess. 13th Gen. Assy. 1879YesNo
2nd Sess. 13th Gen. Assy. 1880YesYes
3rd Sess. 13th Gen. Assy. 1881YesYes
4th Sess. 13th Gen. Assy. 1882YesYes
1st Sess. 14th Gen. Assy. 1883YesYes
2nd Sess. 14th Gen. Assy. 1884YesYes
3rd Sess. 14th Gen. Assy. 1885YesYes
1st Sess. 15th Gen. Assy. 1886YesNo
2nd Sess. 15th Gen. Assy. 1887YesYes
3rd Sess. 15th Gen. Assy. 1888YesYes
4th Sess. 15th Gen. Assy. 1889YesYes
3rd Sess. 16th Gen. Assy. 1892YesYes
4th Sess. 16th Gen. Assy. 1892YesYes
5th Sess. 16th Gen. Assy. 1893YesNo
1st Sess. 17th Gen. Assy. 1894YesYes
2nd Sess. 17th Gen. Assy. 1894YesYes
3rd Sess. 17th Gen. Assy. 1894-95YesYes
4th Sess. 17th Gen. Assy. 1896YesYes
5th Sess. 17th Gen. Assy. 1897YesYes
1st Sess. 18th Gen. Assy. 1898YesYes
2nd Sess. 18th Gen. Assy. 1899YesYes
3rd Sess. 18th Gen. Assy. 1900YesYes
4th Sess. 18th Gen. Assy. 1900YesYes
1st & 2nd Sess. 19th Gen. Assy. 1901YesYes
3rd Sess. 19th Gen. Assy. 1902YesYes
4th Sess. 19th Gen. Assy. 1903YesYes
5th Sess. 19th Gen. Assy. 1904YesYes
1st Sess. 20th Gen. Assy. 1905YesYes
2nd Sess. 20th Gen. Assy. 1906YesYes
3rd Sess. 20th Gen. Assy. 1907YesNo
4th Sess. 20th Gen. Assy. 1908YesYes
1st Sess. 21st Gen. Assy. 1909YesYes
1st Sess. 22nd Gen. Assy. 1909YesYes
2nd Sess. 22nd Gen. Assy. 1910YesYes
3rd Sess. 22nd Gen. Assy. 1911YesYes
4th Sess. 22nd Gen. Assy. 1912 YesYes
5th Sess. 22nd Gen. Assy. 1913YesYes
1st Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1914YesYes
2nd Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1914YesYes
3rd Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1915YesYes
4th Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1916YesYes
5th Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1917YesYes
6th Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1917YesYes
7th Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1918YesYes
8th Sess. 23rd Gen. Assy. 1919YesYes
1st Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1920YesYes
2nd Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1921YesYes
3rd Sess. 24th Gen. Assy. 1922YesYes
1st Sess. 25th Gen. Assy. 1923YesYes
2nd Sess. 25th Gen. Assy. 1924YesYes
2nd Sess. 26th Gen. Assy. 1925YesYes
3rd Sess. 26th Gen. Assy. 1926YesYes
4th Sess. 26th Gen. Assy. 1927YesYes
5th Sess. 26th Gen. Assy. 1928YesYes
2nd Sess. 27th Gen. Assy. 1930YesYes
3rd Sess. 27th Gen. Assy. 1931YesYes