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1835/36 Compiled Laws
The acts of the general assembly of Her Majesty’s Province of New-Brunswick; from the twenty-sixth year of the reign of King George the Third to the
sixth year of the reign of King William the Fourth; Revised and corrected with notes and an index: by George F.S. Berton, xlvii+941+35+cvi pp., 4to,
Fredericton, John Simpson, Queen’s Printer, 1838. (As with the 1827 revision, that of 1835/36 also encountered publication difficulties, which affected
the timeliness of the final product. The revision was mandated by the 1835 session of the legislature and was largely completed in that year.
Printing commenced, but lagged, so that only pp. 1¬–416 were printed before the end of the 1836 session. Thereupon the reviser, Mr. Berton, took the
opportunity to bring the remainder of the work, p. 417 to the end, into conformity with acts passed during 1836. Printing of the whole was completed in that
year by the King’s Printer. Soon thereafter a disastrous fire occurred in St. John and the entire edition, except for about 200 copies that were the
property of the printer {who had been paid in kind}, was destroyed in the warehouse of the binder. A reprint of the edition which had largely perished
was ordered and the main body of the work originally printed in 1835/36 was reprinted in England by John Simpson; who, incidentally, had become, after
Victoria’s accession to the crown on 20 June 1837, Queen’s Printer. Simpson then, in 1838, printed up the titles, index and appendices in Fredericton
and added a table taking into account the laws passed in 1837. As a result of this history, this revision of the laws is effective through the end of
the session of 1835 up to page 416. The remainder of the work covers through the 1836 session. Most copies of the revision, including the one offered
here, have an imprint of Frederickton, 1838. A much smaller number of copies will have a St. John, 1836, imprint; testimony to the 200 or so first
printing copies that the original printer was permitted to sell on his own account.)
Title:   The Acts of the General Assembly of Her Majesty's Province of New Brunswick : from the twenty sixth year of the reign of King George the Third to the sixth year of the reign of King William the Fourth / revised and corrected, with notes and an index by George F.S. Berton.
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