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1827 Compiled Laws
[New Brunswick Compiled Laws, 1827, Vol. 1-3, several publishers, 1824-1827] (This title more or less evolved into the 1827 statutory revision that
is listed in Sweet & Maxwell’s Legal Bibliography of the British Commonwealth, Vol. 3, p.77, as being in 3 vols., respectively published in 1824, ’26 &
’27. Each of the volumes has a different title. {Vol. 1 is entitled “The acts of the general assembly of His Majesty’s Province of New-Brunswick;
from the twenty-sixth year to the end of the reign of King George the Third,” and has the imprint “Fredericton, George K. Lugrin, GovPr, 1824.” Volume 2
is entitled “The acts of the general assembly of His Majesty’s Province of New-Brunswick; from the first to the third year of the reign of King George
the Fourth.” and has the imprint “Fredericton, George K. Lugrin, GovPr, 1826.” Volume 3 is entitled “Appendix comprising acts of the General Assembly
of the Province of New-Brunswick, passed in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth years of King George the Fourth,” and has the imprint “Saint John,
Henry Chubb, 1827.”} The confusing publishing history of this 1827 revision is explained by the combined prefaces of the three volumes as follows. A
planned revision of the laws was ready for the press in one volume in the year 1823. Printing commenced in that year, with publication scheduled for
1824. However, various difficulties intruded, so that the printing of the main body of the work was not completed until late 1827. Since the legislative
sessions of 1824 through 1827 had by then intervened, the compilation would already have been five years out of date. Therefore the printer of Vol.
1, G.K. Lugrin, decided to print the laws passed in the 1824-27 sessions in a second volume {Vol. 2 above}. A three-page table at the front of his Vol.
1 indicates where acts passed between 1824–27, and printed in the Volume 2, alter, amend, or repeal the text of Vol. 1. Meanwhile operating on a
parallel track, and vaguely claiming official sanction, in 1827 the printer Henry Chubb came out with his own “Appendix,” covering the fifth to the eighth
years of George the Fourth. A final irony is that, although the two Lugrin volumes are dated on the title pages as respectively 1824 & 1826, in
reality, on the evidence of their own prefaces, while parts of Volume 1 were printed in 1824, some of Volume 1, and all of Volume 2, were printed in 1827,
the same year as the Chubb volume. To avoid further confusion, LLMC has elected to treat these three books on-line as one title.)
Title:   The Acts of the General Assembly of His Majesty's Province of New-Brunswick.
OCLC Number:   712203174
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