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1854 Revised Statutes
prep. by W.B. Kinnear, Solicitor General, awith J.W. Chandler & Charles Fisher. Vol. 1–3, (xxiv+1-496+lxxxvi pp.), Fredericton, J. Simpson, GovPr,
1854–55. (Vol. 1 contains those Public Statutes which were revised by the Commissioners. Vol. 2 contains Public Statutes which were not revised,
including the following: the acts of 1854, which were passed contemporaneously with the revision printed in Vol. 1; those statutes relating to the practice
of law {the revision of which was postponed}; and “all the acts relating to the Ordnance, Elections, Savings Banks, College, and Grammar Schools,
Railways, &c., which could not, from their peculiar character, safely undergo revision.” Vol. 2 also contains {pp. 421–433} the text of the treaty between
Gr. Brit. and the U.S., 1842, settling and defin-ing the boundaries between British and American territories in North America, and also {pp. 433–438}
the treaty of 1854, settling fishing rights and regulating commerce and navigation between the British and American territories. Vol. 3 contains the
Local and Private Statutes, “which could not be revised without the risk of interfering with private interests.”)
Title:   The revised statutes of New Brunswick : printed under the authority of an act of the Legislature.
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