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1841-66, Province of Canada, Sessional Papers
Sessional papers of the Province of Canada: irregular, 1841-66, Quebec, var. gov. pr., 1841-66, all published. (The journals of the Assembly and
Council for the Province of Canada are also offered on this site. From 1841 to 1859 those journals have appendices, usually in separate volumes,
containing sessional papers, committee and departmental reports, and other documents submitted for legislative consideration. After 1859 this supplementary
material, with the exception of the committee reports, which were retained in the journal volumes, was transferred to this separate series of “Sessional
Papers.” LLMC’s run has significant gaps. The gift or loan of materials for scanning to fill those gaps would be much appreciated.)
Title:   Sessional papers of the Province of Canada.
OCLC Number:   667936133
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1854-55 No. 4YesNo
1854-55 No. 5YesNo
1854-55 No. 4 YesNo
1854-55 No. 5 YesNo
1861 V.1YesNo
1861 V.2YesNo
1861 V.3YesNo
1861 V.4YesNo
1862 V.1YesNo
1862 V.2YesNo
1862 V.3YesNo
1862 V.4YesNo
1862 V.5YesNo
1863 V.1YesNo
1863 V.2YesNo
1863 V.3YesNo
1863 V.4YesNo
1863 V.5YesNo
1863 V.6YesNo
1864 V.1YesYes
1864 V.2YesNo
1864 V.3YesNo
1864 V.4YesNo
3rd Sess. 8th Parl. 1865 V. 1YesNo
3rd Sess. 8th Parl. 1865 V. 2YesNo
3rd Sess. 8th Parl. 1865 V. 3YesNo
4th Sess. 8th Parl. 1865 V. 1YesNo
4th Sess. 8th Parl. 1865 V. 2YesYes
1866 V.1YesNo
1866 V.2YesNo
1866 V.3YesYes
1866 V.4YesNo