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1867-, Dominion of Canada, Senate Debates, Eng.
The Senate of Canada; Official report of debates: var. editors, Vol. 1-, 1867-, Ottawa, var. pub. pr., 1868- (The LLMC run currently covers
1876-1897. 1900, 1926-1927, & 1950. The loan of gap fillers for scanning purposes is earnestly solicited. From 1897 this title was also issued in an official
French version.)
Title:   Official report of debates : reformatted from the original and including, Debates and proceedings of the Senate of Canada ...
OCLC Number:   748403184
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
3rd Sess. 1876YesYes
4th Sess. 1877YesYes
5th Sess. 1878YesYes
1st Sess. 1879YesYes
2nd Sess. 1880YesYes
3rd Sess. 1881YesYes
4th Sess. 1882YesYes
1st Sess. 1883YesYes
2nd Sess. 1884YesYes
V. 1 3rd Sess. 1885 YesYes
V. 2 3rd Sess. 1885YesYes
4th Sess. 1886YesYes
1st Sess. 1887YesYes
2nd Sess. 1888YesYes
3rd Sess. 1889YesYes
4th Sess. 1890YesYes
1st Sess. 1891YesYes
2nd Sess. 1892YesYes
3rd Sess. 1893YesYes
4th Sess. 1894YesYes
5th Sess. 1895YesYes
6th Sess. 1896YesYes
1st Sess. 1896YesYes
2nd Sess. 1897YesYes
5th Sess. 1900YesYes
1st Sess. 1927YesYes
2nd Sess. 1950YesYes