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1867-, Dominion of Canada, Hse. of Commons Votes & Proc., Eng.
Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada: n.a., Session…, Ottawa, var. pub. pr., 1868- (The votes and proceedings
issues, an abbreviated record of the activities of the days activities, were published daily through the session. All of the information contained was
later republished in fuller format and with different pagination in the House of Commons journal. Because they were commonly cited, the original issues
of the votes and proceedings retained their historical value, and thus were bound together at the end of the session with a purpose-wrought index.
LLMC run of this title currently covers only 1867/68-71, 1878-90 & 1897. The loan of gap fillers for scanning purposes is earnestly solicited. This
title was also issued in a French version under the title: Procès-verbaux-Chambre des communes.)
Title:   Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada.
OCLC Number:   747845873
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1st Sess. 1867-68YesYes
2nd Sess. 1869YesYes
3rd Sess. 1870YesYes
4th Sess. 1871YesYes
5th Sess. 1878YesYes
1st Sess. 1879YesYes
2nd Sess. 1880YesYes
3rd Sess. 1880-81YesYes
4th Sess. 1882YesYes
1st Sess. 1883YesYes
2nd Sess. 1884YesYes
3rd Sess. 1885YesYes
4th Sess. 1886YesYes
1st Sess. 1887YesNo
2nd Sess. 1888YesYes
3rd Sess. 1889YesYes
4th Sess. 1890YesYes
2nd Sess. 1897YesYes