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1841-66, Province of Canada, Leg. Council Jrnls., Eng., V.1-26 + index
Journals of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada, English version: Vol. 1-26, legislative sessions 1841-1866, Kingston, Queen’s Printer,
1842-67, all published. (The Legislative Council of the Province of Canada was created as part of the government for a British colonial entity formed
by the jointure in 1841 of the separate provinces of Lower Canada and Upper Canada {currently the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario}. The
first session of the legislature began on 14 June 1841. In the beginning the Legislative Council was nominative, but in 1856 it became elective. This
Province of Canada legislature was succeeded in 1867 by the legislature of the federal government of modern Canada. The journals from 1841 to 1859 have
appendices, usually in separate volumes, containing sessional papers; committee and departmental reports and other documents submitted for legislative
consideration. {Users should note that, although separate series of appendices were published for both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative
Council, according to LLMC’s partner, Canadiana.org, both series have the same content. Therefore, along with Canadiana.org, LLMC has concentrated on
having a complete set of the appendices for the Legislative Assembly, which are offered elsewhere on this site.}. After 1859 this supplementary material
{with the exception of the committee reports, which were retained in the journal volumes} was transferred to a separate series entitled “Sessional
Papers,” that is also offered on this site. LLMC’s offering of the English language Council journals is incomplete, currently covering only: Vols.1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 & App. 2-3, 7, 8 . Pt. 1 & App. 2-3, 9, 10. It earnestly seeks help in locating fill-in parts for Vol. 1-10, and everything for Vols.
Title:   Journals, of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada.
OCLC Number:   608953739
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1 - 1841YesYes
Volume 3 - 1843, AppendixYesYes
Volume 4 - 1844-45YesYes
Volume 5 - 1846YesYes
Volume 6 - 1847, Appendix 1YesYes
Volume 6 - 1847, Appendix 2YesYes
Volume 6 - 1847, Appendix 3YesYes
Volume 8 - 1849, Pt. 1YesYes
Volume 8 - 1849, Appendix 1YesYes
Volume 8 - 1849, Appendix 2YesYes
Volume 9 - 1850YesYes
Volume 10 - 1851YesYes