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1867-, Dominion of Canada, Hse. of Commons Debates, Eng. 1875-
Debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada: var. editors, Vol. 1-, 1875-, Ottawa, var. pub. pr., 1876- (The LLMC run currently covers
1875-1904. 1920, 1928, & 1941-49. The loan of gap fillers for scanning purposes is earnestly solicited. This title was also issued in a French version
under the titles: 1875-69, Compte rendu official des débats de la Chambre des communes; 1970-, Débats de la Chambre des communes, compte rendu
Title:   Official report of debates, House of Commons : reformatted from the original and including, Official debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada ...
OCLC Number:   748380570
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
V.1 1875YesYes
V.2 1876YesNo
V.3 1877YesNo
V.4 1878YesYes
V.6 1879YesYes
V.7 1879YesYes
V.8 1880YesNo
V.9 1880YesNo
V.10 1881YesYes
V.11 1881YesYes
V.12 1882YesYes
V.13 1883YesYes
V.14 1883YesYes
V.15 1884YesYes
V.16 1884YesNo
V.17 1885YesYes
V. 18 1885YesNo
V.19 1885YesYes
V.20 1885YesYes
V.21 1886YesYes
V.22 1886YesYes
V.23 1887YesYes
V.24 1887YesYes
V.25 1888YesYes
V.26 1888YesYes
V.27 1889YesYes
V.28 1889YesYes
V.29 1890YesYes
V.30 1890YesYes
V.31 1891YesYes
V.32 1891YesYes
V.33 1891YesNo
V.34 1892YesNo
V.35 1892YesNo
V.36 1893YesNo
V.37 1894YesYes
V.38 1894YesNo
V.39 1895YesNo
V.40 1895YesNo
V.41 1896YesYes
V.42 1896YesYes
V.43 1896YesNo
V.44 1897YesYes
V.45 1897YesNo
V.46 1898YesYes
V.47 1898YesNo
V.48 1899YesYes
V.49 1899YesYes
V.50 1899YesYes
V.51 1900YesYes
V.52 1900YesYes
V.53 1900YesNo
V.54 1901YesYes
V.55 1901YesYes
V.56 1902YesYes
V.57 1902YesYes
V.58 1903YesYes
V.59 1903YesNo
V.60 1903YesYes
V.61 1903YesNo
V.62 1903YesNo
V.63 1903YesNo
V.64 1904YesYes
V.65 1904YesNo
V.66 1904YesYes
V.67 1904YesYes
V.68 1904YesYes
V.141 1920YesYes
V.142 1920YesNo
V.143 1920YesNo
V.144 1920YesNo
V.145 1920YesNo
V.177 1928YesNo
V.178 1928YesNo
V.179 1928YesNo
V.225 1941YesNo
V.226 1941YesYes
V.227 1941YesNo
V.228 1941YesNo
V.229 1942YesNo
V.230 1942YesNo
V.231 1942YesNo
V.232 1942YesNo
V.233 1942YesNo
V.235 1943YesNo
V.236 1943YesYes
V.237 1943YesNo
V.238 1943YesYes
V.239 1944YesNo
V.240 1944YesNo
V.241 1944YesNo
V.242 1944YesNo
V.243 1944YesNo
V.244 1944YesNo
V.249 1946YesNo
V.250 1946YesYes
V.251 1946YesNo
V.252 1946YesNo
V.253 1946YesNo
V.269 2nd Sess. 1949YesNo
V.270 2nd Sess. 1949YesNo
V.268 1949YesNo
V.271 2nd Sess. 1949YesNo
Index-Vol. 1YesNo
Index-Vol. 2YesNo
Index-Vol. 3YesNo