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1774, Br. Parl., Debates on Gov. of Quebec
Government of Canada; Debates of the House of Commons in the year 1774, on the bill for making more effectual provision for a government of the
Province of Quebec; Drawn up from the notes of the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, Bart., Member for Lostwithiel; Now first published by J. Wright, editor of
the Parliamentary History, etc.; With a map of Canada, copied from the 2nd ed. of Mitchell’s map of North America, referred to in the debates:
xii+303p, London, Ridgeway, 1839. (The Bill being debated in 1774 resulted in an Act creating one Canadian government, under which the English-speaking
population lost many of its traditional common law rights, such as trial by jury and habeas corpus. The Act, which received the Royal Assent on 22 June,
1763, was the cause of continuous grievance in the province, which persisted until 1791, when the Province of Quebec was split into Lower and Upper
Canada, and the inhabitants of the latter were restored to their common law heritage. The Appendix, pp. 297–303, contains the Royal proclamation of Geo.
III, 7 Oct. 1763, creating the new governments mandated by the Act for Quebec, and other colonies. The debates on a new constitution for the then
Province of Quebec occurred during the 13th Parl. of Great Britain, which met from May 1768 to June 1774. That parliament was afterwards dubbed “The
Unreported Parliament,” due to the strictness with which the standing order for the exclusion of strangers was enforced and to the rigidity of punishments
threatened for any person who ventured to make public the speeches of the members. However, a record was in fact made by Sir Henry Cavendish, in the
form of 48 quarto volumes of exhaustive shorthand notes of all the proceedings. These manuscripts were unavailable to the general public until
rediscovered in 1839 by the editor of the present work. He extracted all of the materials relating to the debate concerning the governance of the former
French territories in North America, which were first published in this work, some 65 years after the event.)
Title:   Debates of the House of Commons in the year 1774 on the bill for making more effectual provision for the government of the province of Quebec / drawn up from the notes of the Sir Henry Cavendish, Bart. ... ; now first published by J. Wright.
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