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1836-, Wisconsin Session Laws
Acts of the legislature of the Territory/State of Wisconsin: title varies, 1836–, Madison, var. state printers, 1836– (The area comprising
present-day Wisconsin went through periods of French and then British rule before becoming part of the Northwest Territories of the United States between 1789
to 1800. From 1800-1809 it was included in the Indiana Territory, and from 1809-1818 was part of the Illinois Territory. When the Michigan Territory
was established in 1819, present-day Wisconsin fell into that package. Finally, in 1836 the Michigan Territory in its turn was split into the separate
territories of Michigan and Wisconsin. For pre-1836 Wisconsin-related legislative materials, researchers are referred to the session laws of the
Northwest, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan territories, within the timeframes outlined above, elsewhere on this site. The first Wisconsin territorial
legislature met in October of 1836. Statehood came in 1848, and the first statehood legislature met in June of that year.)
Title:   Acts passed at the ... session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin [electronic resource].
OCLC Number:   605982991
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1891 Jan 40th Bien SessYesNo
1893 Jan 41sth Bien SessYesYes
1895 Jan 42nd Bien SessYesYes
1896 Feb Spec SessYesYes
1897 Jan 43rd Bien SessYesYes
1897 Aug Adj SessYesYes
1899 Jan 44th Bien SessYesYes
1903 Jan 46th Bien. Sess.YesYes
1905 Jan 47th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1907 Jan 48th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1918 Feb Spec. Sess.YesNo
1925 Jan 57th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1926 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1927 Jan 58th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1928 Jan 1st Spec. Sess.YesNo
1931 Jan 60th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1931 Nov Spec. Sess.YesNo
1935 Jan 62nd Bien. Sess.YesNo
1937 Jan 63rd Bien. Sess.YesNo
1937 Sept Spec. Sess.YesNo
1939 Jan 64th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1941 Jan 65th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1951 Jan 70th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1953 Jan 71st Bien. Sess.YesYes
1953 Oct Adj. Sess.YesNo
1955 Jan 72nd Bien. Sess.YesYes
1955 Oct Adj. Sess.YesNo
1957 Jan 73rd Bien. Sess.YesNo
1957 Sept Adj. Sess.YesNo
1958 Jun Spec. Sess.YesYes
1959 Jan 74th Bien. Sess.YesYes
1960 May Adj. Sess.YesNo
1961 Jan 75th Bien. Sess.YesYes
1962 Jan Adj. Sess.YesNo
1963 Jan 76th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1963 Dec Adj. Sess.YesNo
1964 Reconvened Bien. Sess.YesNo
1964 Nov Recessed Sess.YesNo
1965 Jan Bien. Sess.YesNo
1966 May Reconvened Sess.YesNo
1967 Jan Bien. Sess.YesNo
1967 Oct Bien. Sess.YesNo
1969 Jan Bien. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1972 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1973 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1973 Dec Spec. Sess.YesNo
1974 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1974 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1974 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1975 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1975 Dec Spec. Sess.YesNo
1976 May Spec. Sess.YesNo
1976 Jun Spec. Sess.YesNo
1976 Sept Spec. Sess.YesNo
1977 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1977 Nov Spec. Sess.YesYes
1977 Nov Spec. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1977 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo
1978 Jun Spec. Sess.YesNo
1978 Dec Spec. Sess.YesYes
1979 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1979 Sept Spec. Sess.YesYes
1981 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1981 Nov Spec. Sess.YesNo
1982 Apr Spec. Sess.YesNo
1981 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1982 Apr. Spec. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1982 May Spec. Sess.YesNo
1982 Nov Spec. Sess.YesNo
1983 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1983 Jan Spec. Sess.YesYes
1983 Apr Spec. Sess.YesYes
1983 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1984 May Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1985 Mar Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Sept Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Oct Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Nov Spec. Sess.YesNo
1986 Jan Spec. Sess.YesNo
1985 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1986 May Spec. Sess.YesNo
Index 1879-1891YesNo