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1853-, Wisconsin Supreme Court Reports
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin: title varies, Vol. 1–, 1853–, Madison, var. state pr., 1855–.
Cite as Wis.
Title:   Wisconsin reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the state of Wisconsin ...
OCLC Number:   85624447
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 2, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 3, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 4, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 5, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 6, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 7, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 8, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 9, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 10, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 11, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 12, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 13, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 14, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 15, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 16, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 17, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 18, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 19, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 20, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 218YesYes
Volume 21, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 228YesNo
Volume 22, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 238YesYes
Volume 248YesYes
Volume 258YesYes
Volume 268YesYes
Volume 278YesYes
Volume 288YesYes
Volume 298YesYes
Volume 308YesYes
Volume 318YesYes
Volume 328YesYes
Volume 338YesYes
Volume 348YesYes
Volume 358YesYes
Volume 368YesYes
Volume 378YesYes
Volume 388YesYes
Volume 398YesYes
Volume 408YesYes
Volume 418YesYes
Volume 428YesYes
Volume 438YesYes
Volume 448YesYes
Volume 458YesYes
Volume 468YesYes
Volume 478YesYes
Volume 488YesYes
Volume 498YesYes
Volume 508YesNo
Volume 518YesYes
Volume 528YesYes
Volume 538YesYes
Volume 548YesYes
Volume 558YesYes
Volume 568YesYes
Volume 578YesYes
Volume 588YesYes
Volume 598YesYes
Volume 608YesYes
Volume 618YesYes
Volume 628YesYes
Volume 638YesYes
Volume 648YesYes
Volume 658YesYes
Volume 668YesYes
Volume 678YesYes
Volume 688YesNo
Volume 698YesYes
Volume 708YesYes
Volume 718YesYes
Volume 728YesYes
Volume 738YesYes
Volume 748YesYes
Volume 758YesYes
Volume 768YesYes
Volume 778YesYes
Volume 788YesYes
Volume 798YesYes
Volume 808YesYes
Volume 818YesYes
Volume 828YesYes
Volume 838YesYes
Volume 848YesYes
Volume 858YesYes
Volume 868YesYes
Volume 878YesYes
Volume 888YesYes
Volume 898YesYes
Volume 908YesYes
Volume 918YesYes
Volume 928YesYes
Volume 938YesYes
Volume 948YesYes
Volume 958YesYes
Volume 968YesYes
Volume 978YesYes
Volume 988YesYes
Volume 998YesYes
Volume 1008YesYes
Volume 1018YesYes
Volume 1028YesYes
Volume 1038YesYes
Volume 1048YesYes
Volume 1058YesYes
Volume 1068YesYes
Volume 1078YesYes
Volume 1088YesYes
Volume 1098YesYes
Volume 1108YesYes
Volume 1118YesYes
Volume 1128YesYes
Volume 1139YesYes
Volume 1148YesYes
Volume 1158YesYes
Volume 1168YesYes
Volume 1178YesYes
Volume 1188YesYes
Volume 1198YesYes
Volume 1208YesYes
Volume 1218YesYes
Volume 1228YesYes
Volume 1238YesYes
Volume 1248YesYes
Volume 1258YesYes
Volume 1268YesYes
Volume 1278YesYes
Volume 1288YesYes
Volume 1298YesYes
Volume 1309YesYes
Volume 1318YesYes
Volume 1328YesYes
Volume 1339YesYes
Volume 1348YesNo
Volume 1358YesYes
Volume 1368YesYes
Volume 1379YesYes
Volume 1388YesYes
Volume 1398YesYes
Volume 1408YesYes
Volume 1418YesYes
Volume 1428YesNo
Volume 1438YesYes
Volume 1448YesNo
Volume 1458YesYes
Volume 1468YesYes
Volume 1478YesYes
Volume 1488YesYes
Volume 1498YesYes
Volume 1508YesYes
Volume 1518YesYes
Volume 1528YesYes
Volume 1538YesYes
Volume 1548YesYes
Volume 1558YesYes
Volume 1568YesYes
Volume 1578YesYes
Volume 1588YesYes
Volume 1598YesYes
Volume 1608YesYes
Volume 1618YesYes
Volume 1628YesYes
Volume 1638YesYes
Volume 1648YesYes
Volume 1658YesYes
Volume 1668YesYes
Volume 1678YesYes
Volume 1688YesYes
Volume 1698YesYes
Volume 1708YesYes
Volume 1718YesYes
Volume 172, 19208YesNo
Volume 173, 1920-218YesNo
Volume 1748YesYes
Volume 1758YesYes
Volume 1768YesYes
Volume 1778YesYes
Volume 1788YesYes
Volume 1798YesYes
Volume 1808YesYes