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Description and Holding Information
1790-, Virginia Supreme Court Reports
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia: title varies, Vol. 1–, 1790–, var. publishers. Cite as Va. (The
unusually public-spirited State of Virginia does not copyright its court reports; hence the exceptionally long run offered by LLMC. Additional volumes
will be added as they become available.)
Title:   Virginia reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals of Virginia ...
OCLC Number:   82469855
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 16YesYes
Volume 25YesYes
Volume 34YesNo
Volume 66YesYes
Volume 7, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 87YesNo
Volume 97YesNo
Volume 105YesNo
Volume 117YesYes
Volume 11, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 127YesYes
Volume 137YesYes
Volume 147YesYes
Volume 157YesNo
Volume 167YesYes
Volume 177YesYes
Volume 187YesYes
Volume 197YesYes
Volume 207YesYes
Volume 214YesYes
Volume 226YesYes
Volume 237YesYes
Volume 247YesYes
Volume 258YesYes
Volume 268YesYes
Volume 2710YesYes
Volume 27, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 27, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 28, 2nd. Ed.YesYes
Volume 2910YesYes
Volume 29, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 3010YesYes
Volume 30, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 319YesYes
Volume 329YesYes
Volume 32, 2nd. Ed.YesYes
Volume 338YesYes
Volume 33, 2nd. Ed.YesYes
Volume 349YesYes
Volume 34, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 359YesYes
Volume 35, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 368YesYes
Volume 36, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 379YesYes
Volume 37, 2nd. Ed.YesYes
Volume 389YesYes
Volume 38, 2nd EditionYesYes
Volume 398YesYes
Volume 39, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 4010YesYes
Volume 40, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 41, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 42, 3rd. Ed.YesYes
Volume 437YesYes
Volume 43, 2nd Ed.YesNo
Volume 43, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 44, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 44, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 457YesYes
Volume 45, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 46, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 46, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 478YesYes
Volume 47, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 47, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 488YesYes
Volume 48, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 498YesYes
Volume 49, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 509YesYes
Volume 50, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 51, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 5210YesYes
Volume 52, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 53, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 5410YesYes
Volume 55, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 568YesYes
Volume 577YesYes
Volume 588YesYes
Volume 58, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 5911YesYes
Volume 609YesYes
Volume 60, 2nd EditionYesNo
Volume 6110YesYes
Volume 6211YesYes
Volume 6311YesYes
Volume 6410YesYes
Volume 658YesYes
Volume 6611YesYes
Volume 6711YesYes
Volume 6812YesYes
Volume 6911YesYes
Volume 7010YesYes
Volume 7110YesYes
Volume 7210YesNo
Volume 7311YesYes
Volume 7411YesYes
Volume 7512YesYes
Volume 75, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 7613YesYes
Volume 76, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 76, 3rd Ed.YesYes
Volume 7711YesYes
Volume 77, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 7810YesYes
Volume 798YesYes
Volume 8010YesYes
Volume 8111YesYes
Volume 8212YesYes
Volume 82, 2nd Ed.YesYes
Volume 8311YesYes
Volume 8412YesYes
Volume 8512YesYes
Volume 8612YesNo
Volume 8710YesNo
Volume 8812YesYes
Volume 8911YesYes
Volume 9011YesNo
Volume 9110YesYes
Volume 9210YesYes
Volume 9310YesYes
Volume 9410YesYes
Volume 9510YesYes
Volume 9610YesYes
Volume 9710YesYes
Volume 9811YesYes
Volume 9911YesYes
Volume 10011YesYes
Volume 10111YesYes
Volume 10211YesYes
Volume 10312YesYes
Volume 10411YesYes
Volume 10511YesYes
Volume 10611YesYes
Volume 10711YesNo
Volume 10811YesYes
Volume 10911YesYes
Volume 11011YesYes
Volume 11111YesYes
Volume 11211YesYes
Volume 11310YesYes
Volume 11411YesYes
Volume 11512YesYes
Volume 11613YesYes
Volume 11711YesYes
Volume 11810YesYes
Volume 11910YesYes
Volume 12011YesYes
Volume 12112YesYes
Volume 12212YesYes
Volume 12311YesYes
Volume 12412YesYes
Volume 12510YesYes
Volume 12611YesYes
Volume 12711YesNo
Volume 1289YesYes
Volume 12910YesYes
Volume 13010YesYes
Volume 13111YesYes
Volume 13211YesYes
Volume 13310YesYes
Volume 13410YesYes
Volume 13510YesYes
Volume 13610YesNo
Volume 13711YesYes
Volume 13811YesYes
Volume 13910YesYes
Volume 14010YesYes
Volume 14110YesNo
Volume 14211YesYes
Volume 14312YesYes
Volume 14411YesYes
Volume 14511YesYes
Volume 14611YesNo
Volume 14713YesYes
Volume 14811YesYes
Volume 14912YesYes
Volume 15011YesYes
Volume 15113YesYes
Volume 15213YesYes
Volume 15313YesYes
Volume 15411YesYes
Volume 15514YesYes
Volume 15612YesYes
Volume 15712YesYes
Volume 15811YesYes
Volume 15912YesYes
Volume 16011YesYes
Volume 16113YesNo
Volume 16210YesYes
Volume 16313YesYes
Volume 1648YesYes
Volume 16511YesYes
Volume 1669YesYes
Volume 1678YesYes
Volume 16810YesYes
Volume 16911YesYes
Volume 1708YesYes
Volume 1718YesYes
Volume 1729YesYes
Volume 1737YesYes
Volume 1748YesYes
Volume 1758YesYes
Volume 1768YesYes
Volume 17711YesYes
Volume 1787YesYes
Volume 17910YesYes
Volume 1806YesYes
Volume 18112YesYes
Volume 18211YesYes
Volume 18311YesYes
Volume 18413YesYes
Volume 18513YesYes
Volume 18613YesNo
Volume 18711YesYes
Volume 18811YesNo
Volume 18912YesYes
Volume 19013YesYes
Volume 19111YesYes
Volume 19211YesYes
Volume 19311YesYes
Volume 19413YesYes
Volume 19513YesYes
Volume 19614YesYes
Volume 19710YesYes
Volume 19811YesYes
Volume 19912YesYes
Volume 20011YesYes
Volume 20112YesYes
Volume 20213YesYes
Volume 20312YesYes
Volume 20411YesYes
Volume 20512YesYes
Volume 20612YesYes
Volume 20713YesYes
Volume 20811YesYes
Volume 20910YesYes
Volume 21011YesYes
Volume 21111YesYes
Volume 21211YesYes
Volume 21311YesYes
Volume 21411YesYes
Volume 21512YesYes
Volume 21615YesYes
Volume 21712YesYes
Volume 21814YesYes
Volume 21914YesYes
Volume 22014YesYes
Volume 22116YesYes
Volume 22211YesYes
Volume 22310YesYes
Volume 22410YesYes
Volume 2259YesYes
Volume 2269YesYes
Volume 2279YesYes
Volume 22810YesYes
Volume 2298YesYes
Volume 2307YesYes
Volume 2316YesYes
Volume 2327YesYes
Volume 2337YesYes
Volume 2349YesYes
Volume 2358YesYes
Volume 2367YesYes
Volume 2379YesYes
Volume 23810YesYes
Volume 2398YesYes
Volume 2406YesYes
Volume 2417YesYes
Volume 2426YesYes
Volume 2436YesYes
Volume 2447YesYes
Volume 2456YesYes
Volume 2466YesYes
Volume 2477YesYes
Volume 2487YesYes
Volume 2497YesYes
Volume 2507YesYes
Volume 2516YesYes
Volume 2525YesYes
Volume 2535YesYes
Volume 2546YesYes
Volume 2557YesYes
Volume 256, 19980YesYes
Volume 257, 19990YesYes
Volume 258, 19990YesYes
Volume 259, 20000YesYes
Volume 260, 20000YesYes
Volume 261YesYes
Volume 262YesYes
Volume 263YesYes
Volume 264YesYes