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1828-, Rhode Island Supreme Court Reports
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Rhode Island: tile varies, Vol.1–, Providence, Sidney S. Rider, etc., 1851– (No
provision was made in Rhode Island for an official reporter of Supreme Court decisions until the Constitution of 1843. Most of the court opinions before
that date are not recorded. The first reporter, Joseph K. Angell, was appointed in 1845. Angell was by that time a widely acclaimed author of several
seminal American law treatises. He held the office of official reporter until 1849, and during his tenure the first two parts of Vol. 1 of this series
were issued in pamphlet form. While concentrating on current opinions, Angell included some older cases going back to 1828. The remaining pamphlet,
which constitutes the bulk of Vol. 1, was edited by Angell’s successor and his collaborator in other works, Thomas Durfee. The highest appeals court in
Rhode Island was known until 1798 as “The Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Assize and General Gaol Delivery.” Thereafter and until 1843 it was
called “The Supreme Judicial Court,” after which it became “The Supreme Court.”)
Title:   Rhode Island reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Rhode Island ...
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Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 2nd ed.YesYes
Volume 2, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 3, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 4, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 5, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 6, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 7, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 8, 1861-672YesYes
Volume 8, 2nd ed.YesYes
Volume 9, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 10, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 11, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 12, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 13, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 14, 2nd edYesYes
Volume 153YesYes
Volume 163YesYes
Volume 173YesYes
Volume 183YesYes
Volume 193YesYes
Volume 203YesYes
Volume 213YesYes
Volume 223YesYes
Volume 233YesYes
Volume 243YesYes
Volume 253YesYes
Volume 263YesYes
Volume 273YesYes
Volume 283YesYes
Volume 293YesYes
Volume 303YesYes
Volume 312YesYes
Volume 322YesYes
Volume 332YesYes
Volume 342YesYes
Volume 352YesYes
Volume 36, 1913-147YesYes
Volume 37, 1914-157YesYes
Volume 38, 1915-167YesYes
Volume 39, 1916-177YesYes
Volume 40, 1917-187YesYes
Volume 41, 19186YesYes
Volume 42, 1918-207YesYes
Volume 43, 1920-217YesYes
Volume 44, 1921-227YesYes
Volume 45, 1922-247YesYes