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1861, Purdon’s Dig., Laws of Pennsylvania, 9ed, Brightly
A digest of the laws of Pennsylvania from the year (1700-1861): by Frederick C. Brightly, xxx+1246p, Phil., Kay & Brother, 1862. (A TOC starts on
p.ix; an index at p. 1027. While at least twelve chronological digests of the laws of Pennsylvania were issued during the years 1714 to 1852, including
one by Benjamin Franklin in 1742, this alphabetically organized subject digest by Read was the first of its type. Read’s work inaugurated a tradition
followed at suitable intervals during 1811-1830 by the 1st to 4th editions of statutory digests of John Purdon. Purdon’s work was continued during
1836-1847 by 6th, 7th & 8th editions of his work edited by George M. Stroud; during 1862-1903 by 9th to 12th editions with supplements edited by Frederick
C. Brightly; during 1905-19115 by a 13th edition with supplements edited by Stewart & Bisel; after which the series was taken over by West Publ. Co.
and continued into the 1970s.)
Title:   A digest of the laws of Pennsylvania, from the year one thousand seven hundred to the twenty-first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one / originally compiled by John Purdon, Esq.
OCLC Number:   680529874
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