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Description and Holding Information
1845-, Pennsylvania State Rpts. (Off. Supreme Ct. Rpts.)
Reports of cases heard and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania: 1845-1923, Vol. 1-277, all offered. (The remainder of this
run is believed to be in copyright and is not currently offered by LLMC.)
Title:   Pennsylvania state reports.
OCLC Number:   82473073
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 16YesYes
Volume 26YesYes
Volume 36YesYes
Volume 4YesYes
Volume 4, 2nd Ed.6YesYes
Volume 56YesYes
Volume 66YesYes
Volume 76YesYes
Volume 86YesYes
Volume 96YesYes
Volume 106YesYes
Volume 116YesYes
Volume 125YesYes
Volume 138YesYes
Volume 146YesYes
Volume 156YesNo
Volume 166YesYes
Volume 176YesYes
Volume 186YesYes
Volume 196YesYes
Volume 206YesYes
Volume 216YesYes
Volume 226YesYes
Volume 237YesYes
Volume 246YesYes
Volume 256YesYes
Volume 266YesYes
Volume 276YesYes
Volume 286YesYes
Volume 296YesYes
Volume 306YesYes
Volume 316YesYes
Volume 326YesYes
Volume 336YesYes
Volume 346YesYes
Volume 356YesYes
Volume 366YesYes
Volume 376YesYes
Volume 386YesYes
Volume 396YesYes
Volume 406YesYes
Volume 416YesYes
Volume 426YesYes
Volume 436YesYes
Volume 446YesYes
Volume 456YesYes
Volume 466YesYes
Volume 476YesNo
Volume 486YesYes
Volume 496YesYes
Volume 506YesYes
Volume 516YesNo
Volume 526YesYes
Volume 536YesYes
Volume 546YesYes
Volume 557YesYes
Volume 566YesYes
Volume 577YesYes
Volume 586YesYes
Volume 597YesYes
Volume 606YesYes
Volume 616YesYes
Volume 626YesYes
Volume 636YesYes
Volume 646YesYes
Volume 656YesYes
Volume 666YesYes
Volume 677YesYes
Volume 686YesYes
Volume 696YesYes
Volume 707YesYes
Volume 717YesYes
Volume 727YesYes
Volume 736YesYes
Volume 746YesNo
Volume 756YesYes
Volume 766YesYes
Volume 776YesYes
Volume 786YesYes
Volume 796YesYes
Volume 806YesYes
Volume 81, Part 16YesYes
Volume 81, Part 27YesYes
Volume 827YesYes
Volume 836YesYes
Volume 846YesYes
Volume 856YesYes
Volume 867YesYes
Volume 876YesYes
Volume 886YesYes
Volume 897YesYes
Volume 906YesYes
Volume 916YesYes
Volume 926YesYes
Volume 936YesYes
Volume 947YesYes
Volume 956YesYes
Volume 967YesYes
Volume 977YesYes
Volume 988YesYes
Volume 998YesYes
Volume 1008YesYes
Volume 1018YesYes
Volume 1028YesYes
Volume 1038YesNo
Volume 1048YesYes
Volume 1058YesYes
Volume 1068YesYes
Volume 107YesNo
Volume 1078YesYes
Volume 1088YesYes
Volume 1098YesYes
Volume 1108YesYes
Volume 1118YesYes
Volume 1128YesYes
Volume 1138YesYes
Volume 1148YesYes
Volume 1158YesYes
Volume 1168YesYes
Volume 1178YesYes
Volume 1188YesNo
Volume 1198YesYes
Volume 1208YesYes
Volume 1218YesYes
Volume 1228YesYes
Volume 1238YesYes
Volume 1248YesYes
Volume 1258YesYes
Volume 1268YesYes
Volume 1278YesYes
Volume 1288YesYes
Volume 1298YesYes
Volume 1308YesYes
Volume 1318YesYes
Volume 1328YesYes
Volume 1338YesYes
Volume 1348YesYes
Volume 1358YesYes
Volume 1368YesYes
Volume 1378YesYes
Volume 1388YesYes
Volume 1398YesYes
Volume 1408YesYes
Volume 1418YesYes
Volume 1428YesYes
Volume 1438YesYes
Volume 1448YesNo
Volume 1458YesNo
Volume 1468YesYes
Volume 1478YesYes
Volume 1488YesYes
Volume 1496YesYes
Volume 1508YesYes
Volume 1518YesYes
Volume 1528YesYes
Volume 1538YesYes
Volume 1548YesYes
Volume 1558YesYes
Volume 1568YesNo
Volume 1578YesYes
Volume 1588YesYes
Volume 1598YesYes
Volume 1608YesYes
Volume 1618YesYes
Volume 1628YesYes
Volume 1638YesYes
Volume 1648YesYes
Volume 1658YesYes
Volume 1668YesYes
Volume 1678YesYes
Volume 1688YesYes
Volume 1698YesYes
Volume 1708YesYes
Volume 1718YesYes
Volume 1728YesYes
Volume 1738YesYes
Volume 1748YesYes
Volume 1758YesYes
Volume 1768YesYes
Volume 1778YesYes
Volume 1788YesYes
Volume 1798YesYes
Volume 1808YesYes
Volume 1818YesYes
Volume 1828YesYes
Volume 1838YesYes
Volume 1848YesYes
Volume 1858YesYes
Volume 1868YesYes
Volume 1878YesYes
Volume 1888YesYes
Volume 1898YesYes
Volume 1908YesYes
Volume 1918YesYes
Volume 1928YesYes
Volume 1938YesYes
Volume 1948YesYes
Volume 1958YesYes
Volume 1968YesYes
Volume 1978YesYes
Volume 1988YesYes
Volume 1998YesYes
Volume 2008YesYes
Volume 201YesYes
Volume 2028YesYes
Volume 2038YesYes
Volume 2048YesYes
Volume 2058YesYes
Volume 2068YesYes
Volume 2078YesYes
Volume 2088YesYes
Volume 2098YesYes
Volume 2108YesYes
Volume 2118YesYes
Volume 2128YesYes
Volume 2138YesYes
Volume 2148YesYes
Volume 2158YesYes
Volume 2168YesYes
Volume 2178YesYes
Volume 2188YesYes
Volume 2198YesYes
Volume 2208YesYes
Volume 2218YesYes
Volume 2228YesYes
Volume 2238YesYes
Volume 2248YesYes
Volume 2258YesYes
Volume 2268YesYes
Volume 2278YesYes
Volume 2288YesYes
Volume 2298YesYes
Volume 2308YesYes
Volume 2318YesYes
Volume 2328YesYes
Volume 2338YesYes
Volume 2348YesYes
Volume 2358YesYes
Volume 2368YesYes
Volume 2378YesYes
Volume 2388YesYes
Volume 2398YesYes
Volume 2408YesYes
Volume 2418YesYes
Volume 242, 19138YesYes
Volume 2438YesYes
Volume 2448YesYes
Volume 2458YesYes
Volume 2468YesYes
Volume 2478YesNo
Volume 2488YesYes
Volume 2498YesYes
Volume 2508YesYes
Volume 2518YesYes
Volume 2528YesYes
Volume 2538YesYes
Volume 2548YesYes
Volume 2558YesYes
Volume 2568YesYes
Volume 2578YesYes
Volume 2588YesYes
Volume 2598YesYes
Volume 2608YesYes
Volume 2618YesYes
Volume 2628YesYes
Volume 2638YesYes
Volume 2648YesYes
Volume 2658YesYes
Volume 2668YesYes
Volume 2678YesYes
Volume 268, 19208YesYes
Volume 2698YesYes
Volume 2708YesYes
Volume 2718YesYes
Volume 2728YesYes
Volume 2738YesYes
Volume 2748YesYes
Volume 2758YesYes
Volume 2768YesYes
Volume 2778YesYes