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1817-, Alabama Session Laws
Acts of the General Assembly of the Territory/State of Alabama, passed at the session of ….: 1817–, title varies, Saint Stevens, etc., var. state
printers, 1817–, title varies. (Prior to its elevation to the status of a separate territory in 1817, Alabama had comprised the eastern half of the
Territory of Mississippi. The latter entity had been created by Congress in 1898 from lands disputed by the State of Georgia, several native American
tribes, and the United States itself. The whole of the sparsely settled Mississippi Territory was governed from Natchez by a governor appointed under the
terms of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The territorial years were unhappy ones for the easterners, who were isolated from the Mississippi
territorial government and consistently underrepresented in its legislature. After two decades the conflicting claims to parts of the larger territory by
Georgia had been settled with monetary payments and those of the Native Americans by war. The only question remaining for Congress was whether to admit the
whole of the vast Mississippi Territory as one large state, as the westerners wanted, or as two entities, with Alabama being separate, as desired by
the easterners. Congress went with the second option. In 1917 Mississippi was made a state, and Alabama was severed off as the Alabama Territory. It
was assumed from the beginning that Alabama’s territorial experience would be short. Therefore, rather than establishing a unique territorial
government, the region was governed much as it was during its Mississippi Territory period, with its territorial legislature being comprised of transplanted
Alabama members from the former Mississippi territorial legislature. As with its predecessor, the Alabama territorial legislature had a House of
Representatives and a Legislative Council. These worthies spent most of their energies during the two brief sessions of the territorial legislature
organizing the region for statehood. A constitutional convention was convened in July of 1819, and Alabama was admitted to the Union as a state in December.
The first state capital was at Saint Stevens. Then came Cahaba, in 1819, Tuscaloosa, in 1826, and finally Montgomery in 1846.)
Title:   Acts of the ... biennial session of the General Assembly of Alabama.
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NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1818 Jan 1st Sess TerritoryYesNo
1818 Nov 2nd Sess TerritoryYesNo
1819 Oct 1st Sess StateYesNo
1820 Nov 2nd Sess StateYesNo
1821 Jun Call SessYesNo
1823 Nov 5th SessYesNo
1824 Nov 6th SessYesNo
1825 Nov 7th SessYesNo
1827 Nov 9th SessYesNo
1828 Nov 10th SessYesNo
1829 Nov 11th SessYesNo
1830 Nov 12th SessYesNo
1832 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1833 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1834 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1835 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1836 Nov Ann. Sess.YesNo
1837 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1838 Dec Ann. Sess.YesNo
1839 Dec Ann. Sess.YesNo
1840 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1841 Apr Call. Sess.YesNo
1841 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1842 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1843 Dec Ann. Sess.YesNo
1844 - Dec. Annual SessionYesYes
1845 - Dec. Annual SessionYesYes
1847 - Dec. Annual SessionYesYes
1849 Nov 2nd Bien. Sess.YesNo
1853 Nov 4th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1855 Nov 5th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1857 Nov 6th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1859 Nov 7th Bien. Sess.YesNo
1861 - Jan. Called SessionYesYes
1861 - Oct. Called and Nov. Regular SessionYesYes
1862 - Called and Regular SessionYesYes
1863 Aug Call. Sess.YesNo
1863 Nov 3rd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1864 - Sep. Called and Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1865 Nov Reg. Sess.YesNo
1866 Nov Reg. Sess.YesNo
1868 Jul Ext. Sess.YesNo
1868 Sep Call. Sess.YesNo
1868 Nov Reg. Sess.YesNo
1869 Nov Reg SessYesNo
1870 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1871 Nov Reg SessYesNo
1872 Nov Reg SessYesNo
1873 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1874 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1875 Dec Reg SessYesNo
1876 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1878 - Nov. Annual SessionYesYes
1880 Nov Bien SessYesNo
1882 Nov Bien. Sess.YesNo
1884 Nov Bien SessYesNo
1886 Nov Bien. Sess.YesNo
1888 Nov Bien SessYesYes
1890 Nov Bien SessYesYes
1892-93 Nov Bien SessYesNo
1894 Nov Bien. Sess.YesNo
1896 Nov Bien SessYesYes
1898 Nov Bien Sess GenYesYes
1898 Nov Bien Sess LocYesYes
1899 - May Special SessionYesYes
1900 Nov Bien Sess GenYesNo
1900 Nov Bien Sess Gen & LocYesNo
1903 Jan Bien. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1903 Jan Bien. Sess. Loc.YesYes
1906 - Jan. General SessionYesYes
1907 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1907 Nov Spec. Sess. Loc.YesYes
1909 Jul Spec. Sess. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1911 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1911 Jan Quad. Sess. Loc.YesYes
1915 - Jan. General SessionYesYes
1915 Jan Quad. Sess. Loc.YesYes
1919 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1919 - Jan. Session LocalYesYes
1920 Sept Ext. Sess. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1921 - Oct. Special SessionYesYes
1923 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1923 - Jan. Session LocalYesYes
1926 Dec Spec. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1927 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1927 - Jan. Session LocalYesYes
1931 Jan Quad. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1931 Jan Quad. Sess. Loc.YesYes
1932 Aug Ext. Sess. Gen.YesNo
1932 Aug Ext. Sess. Loc.YesNo
1933 Jan Ext. Sess. Gen.YesNo
1933 Jan Ext. Sess. Loc.YesNo
1935 Jan Reg. Gen.YesYes
1935 Jan Reg. Loc. & Spec.YesNo
1936 Feb Ext. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1936 Feb Ext. Sess. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1936 Nov Ext. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1936 Nov Ext. Sess. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1939 Jan Gen.YesYes
1939 Mar Spec. Gen.YesYes
1939 Jan Reg. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1942 Nov Ext. Gen.YesYes
1943 Jan Reg. Gen.YesYes
1943 Mar Reg. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1945 May Reg. Gen.YesYes
1945 May Reg. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1947 May Reg. Loc. & Spec.YesYes
1947 Jan Org.YesYes
1947 1st Ext. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1947 2nd Ext. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1947 Reg. Sess. Gen.YesYes
1949 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1950 Jun Spec. Sess.YesYes
1950 Jul 5th 2nd Spec.YesYes
1950 Jul 27th 3rd Spec.YesYes
1950 Jul 31st 4th Spec.YesYes
1950 Aug 5th Spec.YesYes
1951 Jan Org.YesYes
1951 Jan Spec.YesYes
1951 May Reg.YesYes
1951 May Reg. Pt. 2YesYes
1953 May Reg. YesYes
1953 May Reg. Pt. 2YesYes
1955 Jan Org.YesYes
1955 Jan 1st Spec.YesYes
1955 Mar 2nd Ext.YesYes
1955 Apr 3rd Ext.YesYes
1955 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1955 May Reg. Gen. & Loc. Pt. 2YesYes
1957 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1957 May Reg. Gen. & Loc. Pt. 2YesYes
1959 Jan Org.YesYes
1959 Feb. 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1959 Jun 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1959 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1959 May Reg. Gen. & Loc. Pt. 2YesYes
1961 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1961 May Reg. Gen. & Loc. Pt. 2YesYes
1961 Sept Spec. Sess.YesYes
1962 Jun Spec.YesYes
1963 Jan Org.YesYes
1963 Mar 8th 1st Spec.YesYes
1963 Mar 19th 2nd Spec.YesYes
1963 May Reg. Gen. & Loc.YesYes
1963 May Reg. Gen. & Loc. Pt. 2YesYes
1964 Aug 1st Spec.YesYes
1964 Sept 2nd Spec.YesYes
1965 May Reg. YesYes
1965 May Reg. Pt. 2YesNo
1965 Feb Spec. Sess.YesYes
1965 Sept 9th 2nd Spec.YesYes
1965 Sept 30th 3rd Spec.YesNo
1967 Jan Org.YesNo
1967 Mar Spec.YesNo
1967 May Reg.YesNo
1967 May Reg. Pt. 2YesNo
1969 Apr Spec.YesYes
1969 May Reg.YesYes
1969 May Reg. Pt. 2YesNo
1969 May Reg. Pt. 3YesYes
1970 Feb Spec. YesYes
1971 Jan Org.YesYes
1971 Mar 1st Spec.YesYes
1971 May Reg. Sess.YesYes
1971 May Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1971 May Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesYes
1971 May Reg. Sess. Pt. 4YesYes
1971 Nov 15th 2nd Spec.YesYes
1971 Nov 30th 3rd Spec.YesYes
1971 Index to all SessionsYesYes
1973 May Spec.YesYes
1973 May 3rd Reg.YesYes
1973 May 3rd Reg. Pt. 2YesYes
1973 May 3rd Reg. Pt. 3YesYes
1973 May 3rd Reg. Pt. 4YesYes
1975 Jan 21st Org.YesYes
1975 Jan 27th 1st Spec.YesYes
1975 Mar 3rd 2nd Spec.YesYes
1975 Mar 18th 3rd Spec.YesYes
1975 May 27th Reg.YesYes
1975 May 27th Reg. Pt. 2YesYes
1975 May 27th Reg. Pt. 3YesYes
1975 May 27th Reg. Pt. 4YesYes
1975 Nov 10th 4th Spec.YesYes
1975 Index to all SessionsYesYes
1976 May Reg. Sess.YesNo
1976 May Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesNo
1977 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1977 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1977 May 1st Spec.YesYes
1977 Jun 2nd Spec.YesYes
1978 Jan 3rd 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1978 Jan 10th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1978 Jan 10th Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1978 Jan 10th Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesNo
1978 Jul 31st 2nd Spec. Sess.YesNo
1979 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
1979 Apr Reg. Sess.YesYes
1979 Apr Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1979 Apr Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesYes
1980 Feb. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1980 Feb. Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1980 Feb. Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesYes
1981 Feb. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1981 Feb. Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1981 Aug 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1981 Sept 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1981 Nov 3rd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1982 Jan Reg. Sess.YesNo
1982 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1982 May 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1982 Jun 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1982 Aug 3rd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1983 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
1983 Jan 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1983 Feb 2nd Ext. Sess.YesYes
1983 Apr Reg. Sess.YesYes
1983 Apr Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1983 Nov 3rd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1983 Dec 4th Spec. Sess.YesYes
1984 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1984 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1984 Jun 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1984/85 Jan 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1985 Jan 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1985 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1985 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1985 Sept 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1986 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1986 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1986 Sept 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1987 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
1987 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1987 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1988 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1988 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1988 Aug 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1988 Sept 2nd Ext. Sess.YesYes
1989 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1989 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1989 Dec 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1990 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1990 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1991 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
1991 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1991 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1992 Feb 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1992 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1992 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1993 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1993 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1994 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1994 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1994 May 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1995 Jan Org. Sess.YesNo
1995 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1995 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1995 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesYes
1996 Jan 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1996 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1996 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1996 Jul 2nd Ext. Sess.YesYes
1997 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
1997 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1997 Aug 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1998 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
1998 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1999 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
1999 Mar Reg. Sess.YesYes
1999 Mar 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
1999 Nov 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
2000 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
2000 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2000 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 3YesYes
2001 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
2001 Mar 1st Ext. Sess.YesYes
2001 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2001 Jun 2nd Ext. Sess.YesYes
2001 Sept 3rd Ext. Sess.YesYes
2001 Dec 4th Ext. Sess.YesYes
2002 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
2002 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2003 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
2003 Mar Reg. & 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
2003 Mar Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2003 Sept 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
2004 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
2004 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2005 Feb. Reg. Sess.YesYes
2005 Jul 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
2006 Jan Reg. Sess.YesYes
2006 Jan Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2007 Jan Org. Sess.YesYes
2007 Feb 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
2007 Mar Reg. Sess.YesYes
2007 Mar Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2008 Feb Reg. Sess.YesYes
2008 Feb Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
2008 May 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes