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1803-, Ohio, House Journals
Ohio, General Assembly, House of Representatives Journal: title varies, 1803, Columbus, var. state printers, 1803– (The land that became the State of
Ohio was part of the much larger western territory that became part of the United States as a result of the Revolutionary War. After the somewhat
nebulous claims of several of the original states to the territory were ceded to the Federal Government, Congress organized the vast area as the
Northwest Territory in 1788. In 1803 present-day Ohio was separated from the Northwest Territory and elevated to independent statehood. Its first Legislative
Assembly was held in March of 1803.)
Title:   Ohio House journal : reformatted from the original and including, Journal of the House of Representatives of the state of Ohio ...
OCLC Number:   816391547
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1852 Jan 50th LegYesNo
1856 Jan 52d LegYesNo
1857 Jan 52d LegYesNo
1858 Jan 53d LegYesNo
1859 Jan 53d LegYesNo
1860 Jan 54th LegYesNo
1861 Jan 54th LegYesNo
1862 Jan 55th LegYesNo
1863 Jan 55th LegYesNo
1864 Jan 56th LegYesNo
1865 Jan 56th LegYesNo
1866 Jan 57th LegYesNo
1867 Jan 57th LegYesNo
1868 Jan 58th LegYesNo
1869 Nov 58th LegYesNo
1870 Jan 59th LegYesNo
1871 Jan 59th LegYesNo
1872 Jan 60th LegYesNo
1873 Jan 60th LegYesNo
1874 Jan 61st LegYesNo
1874 Dec 61st LegYesNo
1876 Jan 62d LegYesNo
1877 Jan 62d LegYesNo
1878 Jan 63d LegYesNo
1879 Jan 63d LegYesNo
1880 Jan 64th LegYesNo
1881 Jan 64th LegYesNo
1882 Jan 65th LegYesNo
1883 Jan 65th LegYesNo
1884 Jan 66th LegYesNo
1885 Jan 66th LegYesNo
1886 - Appendix Jan 67th LegYesNo
1887 Jan 67th LegYesNo
1888 Jan 68th LegYesNo
1889 Jan 68th LegYesNo
1890 Jan 69th LegYesNo
1890 Oct 69th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1892 Jan 70th LegYesNo
1893 Jan 70th LegYesNo
1894 Jan 71st LegYesNo
1896 Jan 72d LegYesNo
1898 Jan 73d LegYesNo
1900 Jan 74th LegYesNo
1902 Jan 75th LegYesNo
1902 Aug 75th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1904 Jan 76th LegYesNo
1906 Jan 77th LegYesNo
1908 Jan 77th LegYesNo
1909 Jan 78th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1910 Jan 78th LegYesNo
1913 Jan 80th LegYesNo
1914 Jan 80th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1914 Jan 80th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1915 Jan 81st LegYesNo
1917 Jan 82d LegYesNo
1919 Jan 83d LegYesNo
1921 Jan 84th LegYesNo
1923 Jan 85th LegYesNo
1925 Jan 86th LegYesNo
1927 Jan 87th LegYesNo
1929 Jan 88th LegYesNo
1931 Jan 89th LegYesNo
1932 Mar 89th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1932 May 89th Leg 2d SessYesNo
1933 Jan 90th LegYesNo
1933 Sept 90th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1933 Dec 90th Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1934 June 90th Leg 3d Sp SessYesNo
1935 Jan 91st LegYesNo
1937 Jan 92d LegYesNo
1937 June 92d Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1937 Nov 92d Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1938 May 92d Leg 3d Sp SessYesNo
1938 Dec 92d Leg 4th Sp SessYesNo
1939 Jan 93d LegYesNo
1940 June 93d 1st Sp SessYesNo
1943 Jan 95th Leg YesNo
1944 Apr 95th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1945 Jan 96th LegYesNo
1947 Jan 97th LegYesNo
1947 Dec 97th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1948 July 97th Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1948 Dec 97th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1949 Jan 98th LegYesNo
1951 Jan 99th LegYesNo
1951 Dec 99th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1953 Jan 100th LegYesNo
1953 Jan 100th LegYesNo
1954 Jan 100th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1955 Jan 101st LegYesNo
1956 Jan 101st Leg Sp SessYesNo
1956 June 101st Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1956 Nov 101st Leg 3d Sp SessYesNo
1957 Jan 102d LegYesNo
1958 June 102d Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1959 Jan 103d LegYesNo
1960 Nov 103d Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1961 Jan 104th LegYesNo
1963 Jan 105th LegYesNo
1964 Nov 105th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1965 Jan 106th LegYesNo
1967 Jan 107th LegYesNo
1969 Jan 108th Leg, Vol. 1YesNo
1969 Jan 108th Leg, Vol. 2YesNo
1971 Jan 109th LegYesNo
1971 Jan 109th LegYesNo
1973 Jan 110th LegYesNo
1973 Oct 110th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1974 Jan 110th LegYesNo
1975 Jan 111th LegYesNo
1975 111th LegYesNo
1976 Jan 111th Leg 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1976 July 111th Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1976 Sept 111th Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1977 Jan 112th LegYesNo
1977 Jan 112th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1977 Jan 112th Leg, AppendixYesNo
1978 Jan 112th Leg 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1979 Jan 113th LegYesNo
1979 Jan 113th Leg AppendicesYesNo
1980 Jan 113th Leg 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1981 Jan 114th LegYesNo
1981 Jan 114th Leg AppendicesYesNo
1982 Jan 114th Leg 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1983-84 Jan 115th LegYesNo
1983 Jan 115th Leg, AppendixYesNo
1985-86 Jan 116th LegYesNo
1985 Jan 116th Leg AppendicesYesNo
1987-88 Jan 117th LegYesNo
1987 Jan 117th Leg AppendicesYesNo
1989-90 Jan 118th LegYesNo
1989 Jan 118th Leg AppendicesYesNo
1991-92 Jan 119th LegYesNo
1991 Jan 119th Leg, AppendixYesNo