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1849-1914, Attorney Generals' Reports
Attorney General’s annual report to the Governor of the State of Ohio: 1849 to 1914, state printer, 1850-1915, all published. (The original paper
versions of the attorney generals’ reports and opinions for the bulk of the states were sometimes published together and sometimes separately, and in
some years only reports or only opinions were published; making for a confusing literature. To minimize this confusion in its online offerings, LLMC has
chosen to group the state attorney generals’ reports and opinions in two separate series. For the Ohio A.G. Opinions, see the separate Opinions series
elsewhere on this site. The authoritative bibliography Pimsleur’s Checklist of Basic American Legal Publications, as continued by Marcia S. Zubrow,
reports locating only three published reports for years prior to 1893 {1849, 1870 & 1875}. If additional years are discovered and made available, LLMC
will scan and add them to its online holdings. The publications for the years 1849, 1870 & 1875 contain reports only. From 1893 to 1914 the annual
issuances contain both reports and opinions. An Ohio act passed in 1915 stipulated that henceforth the opinions of the Attorney General should be
published in a distinct publication to be designated “Opinions of the Attorney General.” That separate title is offered elsewhere on this site. Beginning in
that same year, 1915, the reports of the Ohio Attorney General ceased to be published.)
Title:   Annual report of the Attorney General of Ohio : reformatted from the original and including, Report of the Attorney General to the Governor of the state of Ohio ...
OCLC Number:   318788610
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