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1816-, New Hampshire Supreme Ct. Rpts.
Reports of cases argued determined in the Superior Court of Judicature of the State of New Hampshire: title varies, 1816–, Exeter, J.J. Williams, and
other state printers, 1819–. Series continues. (Prior to 1813 the highest judicial tribunal in the state was styled “The Superior Court of
Judicature.” Thereafter it was officially styled “The Supreme Judicial Court.” Both terms were used indiscriminately in the constitutions of the time. — See
reporter's note at 53 NH 634. New Hampshire cases were not compiled and published in reporters during the pre-statehood period. Smith’s Decisions,
offered elsewhere on this site, is a retroactive publication of some cases between 1796–1816, when the present series beings its coverage.)
Title:   The New Hampshire reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Superior Court of Judicature for the State of New-Hampshire ...
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Volume 727YesNo
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Volume 747YesNo
Volume 75, 1908-108YesYes
Volume 76, 1911-138YesYes
Volume 77, 1913-158YesYes
Volume 78, 1915-188YesYes
Volume 79, 1918-207YesYes
Volume 80, 1921/238YesYes