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1855-, Nebraska, Senate Jrnls.
Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Nebraska: title varies, 1855-1936, Lincoln, var. state publishers, 1855-1936, all publ.
(The area now comprising the State of Nebraska entered the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1854 Congress created a Territory of
Nebraska that was much larger than the Nebraska of today; containing also large parts of present-day Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and the Dakotas. In
1863 Nebraska was reduced to its present size by the creation of the territories of Utah and Colorado. The first Nebraska Territorial Legislature met
in January of 1855. Pursuant to an enabling act of the U.S. Congress in 1864, the first statehood legislature met in July of 1866. However, due to a
dispute over the original statehood constitution, which sought to limit the franchise to whites, formal statehood was not finally enacted by Congress
until March 1, 1867. Since a constitutional amendment of 1934, the Nebraska Legislature, uniquely among the states, has been unicameral.)
Title:   Nebraska Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Journal of the Council at the ... session of the General Assembly of the Territory of Nebraska ...
OCLC Number:   853177524
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1873 Jan 9th SessYesNo
1873 Mar 10th Ext SessYesNo
1875 Jan 11th SessYesNo
1876 Dec 12th Sp SessYesNo
1876 Dec 13th Sp SessYesNo
1877 Jan 14th SessYesNo
1879 Jan 15th SessYesNo
1881 Jan 16th SessYesNo
1882 May 17th Ext SessYesNo
1883 Jan 18th SessYesNo
1885 Jan 19th SessYesNo
1887 Jan 20th SessYesNo
1889 Jan 21st SessYesNo
1891 Jan 22d SessYesNo
1893 Jan 23d SessYesNo
1895 Jan 24th SessYesNo
1897 Jan 25th SessYesNo
1899 Jan 26th SessYesNo
1901 Jan 27th SessYesNo
1903 Jan 28th SessYesNo
1905 Jan 29th Sess YesNo
1907 Jan 30th SessYesNo
1909 Jan 31st SessYesNo
1911 Jan 32d SessYesNo
1913 Jan 33d SessYesNo
1915 Jan 34th SessYesNo
1917 Jan 35th SessYesNo
1918 Mar 36th Sp SessYesNo
1921 Jan 40th SessYesNo
1922 Jan 41st Sp SessYesNo
1923 Jan 42d SessYesNo
1925 Jan 43d SessYesNo
1927 Jan 44th SessYesNo
1929 Jan 45th SessYesNo
1930 Mar 46th Ext SessYesNo
1931 Jan 47th SessYesNo
1931 June 48th Sp SessYesNo
1933 Jan 49th SessYesNo
1935 Jan 50th SessYesNo
1935 Oct 51st Ext SessYesNo