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1813-, Missouri - Session Laws
Laws of Missouri: title varies, 1813–, St. Louis/Columbia, var. state printers, 1813– (The area comprising present-day Missouri was once just a part
of the much larger colonial-era French and then Spanish province of Louisiana. Under both suzerainties, Louisiana was divided for administrative
purposes into two massive districts, Lower Louisiana with its seat of governance at New Orleans, and Upper Louisiana, governed from St. Louis. After the
Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the U.S. retained this basic division, establishing the north/south dividing line at the thirty-third degree of north
latitude. Lower Louisiana became the Territory of Orleans. Upper Louisiana became the District of Louisiana and was placed under the authority of the
governor of the Indiana Territory. In 1804 the District of Louisiana was separated from the Territory of Indiana to become the Territory of Louisiana,
although a territory of the lowest order, administered by a governor and three territorial judges. Only in 1812, after large portions of its land area had
been broken off into other territories, and in pretty much its present dimensions, did the area we now know as Missouri acquire self-government with
its own General Assembly and a new name as the Territory of Missouri. The first territorial legislature met in July, 1813. Formal statehood came in
1821 after a national struggle over the question of slavery and the balance of power between the northern ‘free states” and their southern breather. The
conflict was temporarily resolved under the “Missouri Compromise,” the main components of which were as follows. Missouri was admitted as a “slave
state,” balanced off by new “free state” Maine. Looking forward, slavery was prohibited in all portions of the former Territory of Louisiana except for
that portion which comprised the new state of Missouri. This compromise preserved the peace between the “slave” and “free” states until the
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 upset the status quo and led to the American Civil War. The first session of the statehood legislature was held in September, 1821.)
Title:   Acts passed by the General Assembly of the territory of Missouri.
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