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Description and Holding Information
1813-, Missouri, St., Sen./House Jrnls., Comb. Index, 1977-
State of Missouri General Assembly, House and Senate journals, com-bined index: 1977-, n.p., n.d. (Starting, apparently, with the 1st Reg. Sess. of
the 79th Legislature, 1977, the indexes for the House and Senate Journals were issued in a combined format. Starting with the 1986 combined index, the
print version also contained the follow-ing alert: “This index is for use only with the accompanying microfiched version of the Journals… The page
numbers listed herein will refer only to the page numbers found in the microfiched sets of the Journals and not to the daily Journals printed by the
legislature. Also, the daily Journals will not contain all of the corrections which occurred after their initial publication. This index and the
microfiched sets of the House and Senate Journals are the official reference versions of these publications and take precedence over the daily printed
Title:   Index, journals of the Senate and House of the state of Missouri.
OCLC Number:   881452948
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1977 79th LegYesNo
1977 79th Leg 1st Ext Sess YesNo
1979 80th LegYesNo
1979 80th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1980 80th Leg YesNo
1980 80th Leg Veto SessYesNo
1980 80th Leg 2d Ext SessYesNo
1981 81st LegYesNo
1981 80th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1981 80th Leg 2d Ext SessYesNo
1982 80th LegYesNo
1982 80th Leg Veto SessYesNo
1983 82d LegYesNo
1983 82d Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1984 82d LegYesNo
1984 82d Leg Veto SessYesNo
1985 83d LegYesNo
1986 83d LegYesNo
1986 83d Leg Veto SessYesNo
1987 84th LegYesNo
1988 84th LegYesNo
1988 84th Leg Veto SessYesNo
1989 85th LegYesNo
1989 85th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1989 85th Leg Veto SessYesNo
1990 85th LegYesNo
1990 85th Leg Veto SessYesNo