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1849-, Minnesota Senate Journals
Journals of the Senate of the Legislature of the Territory/State of Minnesota: 1849–, St. Paul, var. state printers, series continues. – (Few states
can match the fissiparus path of Minnesota’s evolution to statehood. Portions of the area went through periods of French, British and Spanish rule
prior to the American Revolution. In 1787 what for convenience could be called “Minnesota East,” the area east of the Mississippi river, became part of
the U. S. Northwest Territory. Meanwhile, between 1762 and 1800 “Minnesota West,” the area west of the Mississippi river, bounced rapidly from French
to Spanish and then back to French jurisdiction. Purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon in 1803 finally brought Minnesota West into the
Northwest Territory also. However, the northern boundaries of the Minnesota territories were not established until a post-War of 1812 treaty between the
U.S. and the British Empire delineated the forty-ninth parallel as the northern boundary of both the U.S. and the” two Minnesotas”. Thereafter,
“Minnesota East” was shuffled successively into the Indiana Territory in 1800, the Illinois Territory in 1809, the Michigan Territory in 1818, and the
Wisconsin Territory in 1836. Meanwhile Minnesota West, which had far fewer people, remained more or less ungoverned until 1834, when Congress joined it with
Minnesota East under the Michigan Territory. When the Wisconsin Territory was carved from the new State of Michigan in 1836, Minnesota East was
given to Wisconsin, while some parts of Minnesota West fell under the jurisdiction of the new state of Iowa, other parts remaining ungoverned. Finally, in
1849, the people of both “Minnesotas” achieved limited, but at least united, self-governance as the Minnesota Territory. The first Territorial
Legislature met in Sept, 1849. Formal statehood came in 1858, although the first session of the State Legislature began meeting on 3 December 1857.)
Title:   Minnesota Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Journal of the Council during the ... session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota ...
OCLC Number:   880329302
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1857-58 Dec 1st SessYesNo
1861 Jan 3d Leg YesNo
1862 Jan 4th LegYesNo
1863 Jan 5th LegYesNo
1864 Jan 6th LegYesNo
1865 Jan 7th LegYesNo
1867 Jan 9th LegYesNo
1868 Jan 10th LegYesNo
1869 Jan 11th LegYesNo
1870 Jan 12th LegYesNo
1871 Jan 13th LegYesNo
1872 Jan 14th LegYesNo
1873 Jan 15th LegYesNo
1874 Jan 16th LegYesNo
1875 Jan 17th LegYesNo
1876 Jan 18th LegYesNo
1877 Jan 19th LegYesNo
1879 Jan 21st LegYesNo
1881 Jan 22d LegYesNo
1882 Oct Ext SessYesNo
1883 Jan 23d LegYesNo
1885 Jan 24th LegYesNo
1887 Jan 25th LegYesNo
1889 Jan 26th LegYesNo
1891 Jan 27th LegYesNo
1893 Jan 28th LegYesNo
1895 Jan 29th LegYesNo
1897 Jan 30th LegYesNo
1899 Jan 31st LegYesNo
1901 Jan 32d LegYesNo
1902 Feb Ext SessYesNo
1903 Jan 33d LegYesNo
1907 Jan 35th LegYesNo
1907 Apr 35th LegYesNo
1909 Jan 36th LegYesNo
1911 Jan 37th LegYesNo
1912 June Ext SessYesNo
1913 Jan 38th LegYesNo
1915 Jan 39th LegYesNo
1916 Oct Ext SessYesNo
1917 Jan 40th SessYesNo
1919 Jan 41st LegYesNo
1919 Sept Ext SessYesNo
1921 Jan 42d LegYesNo
1923 Jan 43d LegYesNo
1925 Jan 44th LegYesNo
1927 Jan 45th LegYesNo
1929 Jan 46th LegYesNo
1931 Jan 47th LegYesNo
1933 Jan 48th LegYesNo
1933-34 Dec Ext Sess YesNo
1935 Jan 49th SessYesNo
1935-36 Dec Ext SessYesNo
1936 Dec Ext SessYesNo
1937 Jan 50th Leg YesNo
1937 May Ext SessYesNo
1939 Jan 51st LegYesNo
1941 Jan 52d LegYesNo
1943 Jan 53d LegYesNo
1944 Mar Ext SessYesNo
1945 Jan 54th LegYesNo
1947 Jan 55th LegYesNo
1949 Jan 56th LegYesNo
1953 Jan 58th LegYesNo
1955 Jan 59th LegYesNo
1955 Apr Ext SessYesNo
1957 Jan 60th LegYesNo
1957 Apr Ext SessYesNo
1958 June Ext SessYesNo
1959 Jan 61st LegYesNo
1959 Apr Ext SessYesNo
1961 Jan 62d LegYesNo
1961 Apr 1st Ext SessYesNo
1961 Dec 2d Ext SessYesNo
1963 Jan 63d LegYesNo
1965 Jan 64th LegYesNo
1966 Apr Ext SessYesNo
1967 Jan 65th LegYesNo
1967 May Ext SessYesNo
1969 Jan 66th LegYesNo
1969 May 66th LegYesNo
1971 Jan 67th LegYesNo
1971 Jan 67th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1971 May Ext SessYesNo
1973 Jan 68th LegYesNo
1973 Jan 68th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1974 Jan 68th LegYesNo
1974 Jan 68th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1975 Jan 69th LegYesNo
1975 Jan 69th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1976 Jan 69th LegYesNo
1976 Jan 69th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1976 Jan 69th Leg Vol. 3YesNo
1978 Jan 70th LegYesNo
1979 Jan 71st LegYesNo
1979 May 71st LegYesNo
1979 May 71st Leg Sp SessYesNo
1980 Jan 71st LegYesNo
1980 Jan 71st Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1981 Jan 72d LegYesNo
1981 Jan 72d Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1981 June 72d Leg 1st Sp SessYesNo
1981 July 72d Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1981 Dec 72d Leg 3d Sp SessYesNo
1982 Jan 73d LegYesNo
1982 Jan 73d Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1982 Mar 73d Leg 1st Sp Sess YesNo
1982 July 73d Leg 2d Sp SessYesNo
1982 Dec 73d Leg 3d Sp SessYesNo
1983 Jan 73d LegYesNo
1983 Jan 73d Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1984 Jan 73d Leg MarYesNo
1984 Jan 73d Leg AprYesNo
1983-84 Index 73d LegYesNo
1985 Jan 74th LegYesNo
1985 Jan 74th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1985 June 74th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1986 Jan 74th LegYesNo
1986 Jan 74th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1986 Apr 74th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1987 Jan 75th LegYesNo
1987 Jan 75th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1987 June 75th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1988 Jan 75th Leg YesNo
1988 Jan 75th Leg Vol. 2 YesNo
1987-88 Ind 75th LegYesNo
1989 Jan 76th LegYesNo
1989 Jan 76th Leg Vol. 2YesNo
1989 Jan 76th Leg Vol. 3YesNo
1989 Sept 76th Leg Sp SessYesNo
1990 Jan 76th LegYesNo
1990 Apr 76th Leg YesNo
1989-90 Ind 76th Leg YesNo