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1838-, Michigan Attorney General Opinions
Fornal of the Attorney General of the State of Michigan: annual, state printer, 1838–; Lansing, state printer, 1839– (The office of Attorney General
was created in the Territory of Michigan in 1807. An act of 1838 mandated that the A.G. should submit an annual report. Except for a multi-year report
for 1856-58, the annual reports series continued unbroken from 1838 to 1921/22, after which it became more or less biennial. In many of states the
original paper versions of the attorney generals’ reports and opinions were sometimes published together, sometimes separately, sometimes, as in
Michigan, interspersed with other matter., while in some years only reports or only opinions were published; making for a confusing literature. To minimize
this confusion in its online offerings, LLMC has chosen to group all of the U.S. state attorney generals’ reports and opinions in two separate series
for each state. For the Michigan A.G. Reports, see the separate Reports series elsewhere on this site.)
Title:   Michigan Attorney General's opinions : reformatted from the original and including, Attorney General's report ...
OCLC Number:   467307386
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Volume 18902YesNo
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Volume 1955-56YesNo
Volume 1957-5811YesNo
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Index 4, 1950-603YesNo
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