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1806-, Mass. Session Laws (for 1692-1805 see previous two titles)
Acts and laws, perpetual and temporary, passed by the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for ___, 1692-, Boston, var. state printers,
1692- The published session laws for the Massachusetts Bay Colony began in June, 1692. LLMC’s current coverage is composed of the following: a.)
1692-1780 are offered on this site in an official reprint; see LLMC Title No. 09363. b.) 1780-1805 are offered in a separate official reprint; see
LLMC Title No. 10515. c.) LLMC’s run of original session law issuances begins with 1806. At present the years 1806-1820 are represented in the LLMC
run by a “put together’ copy of unknown provenance in which the assembling party has “cut and pasted” what are apparently authentic copies of each of
the original session laws in one series in their proper order, but without the original pagination. Instead an imposed pagination has been stamped on
each successive page of the “cut and paste edition.” LLMC will retain this “best available” copy within its run unless and until more authentic editions
of the texts for these years become available. The original European settlements in any part of what is now Massachusetts date back to the landing
at Plymouth Rock in 1620. That effort led to the formation of the Plymouth Colony, also known as the Old Colony, which was finally absorbed into the
Province of Massachusetts Bay in 1692. Later settlements at Boston in 1628 by the New England Company {later the Massachusetts Bay Company} and
chartered by the private Council for New England, led to the formation of the larger Massachusetts Bay Colony. A “General Court” {consisting of the appointed
governor, deputy governor, assistants and several, first appointed and later elected, deputies} was established for the governance of the latter
colony, with Boston as its capital. Under the direction of this body, the Bay Colony was governed as a private company until 1684. The General Court
attended to all aspects of governance: legislative, executive and judicial. Its combined documentary output, all in manuscript, was officially reprinted by
the state, and is offered in LLMC Title No. 10514. In 1684 the Massachusetts Charter was revoked by King James II, who in 1686 sent a new governor,
Sir Edmund Andros, to administer a new colony, the Dominion of New England, embracing the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Plymouth, Rhode
Island, Connecticut, and New York. The Andros reign was exceedingly unpopular, and the new Dominion dissolved amid the general chaos accompanying
England’s Glorious Revolution. According to Pimsleur, at least 11 broadsides were issued by the Andrus regime. These are not yet offered on this site. In
1692 the new English monarchs, William and Mary, granted a new charter for a “Province of Massachusetts Bay.” This act united Massachusetts Bay,
Plymouth and Maine as a single royal colony, for the first time with an elected council and a royally appointed governor. The Province of Massachusetts
lasted from 1692 to 1776, when the Commonwealth became an original state of the new United States. Currently the legislature, still formally termed The
General Court, has a senate of 40 members and a house of representatives of 160 members, all of whom serve two-year terms.)
Title:   Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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