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Description and Holding Information
1820-, Maine Supreme Court Rpts.
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine: title varies, V.1–, 1820–, var. state printers, 1822–
Title:   Maine reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine ...
OCLC Number:   69369446
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 15YesYes
Volume 1, Ed. 2YesYes
Volume 25YesNo
Volume 2, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 36YesNo
Volume 3, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 46YesNo
Volume 4, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 56YesNo
Volume 5, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 66YesNo
Volume 6, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 76YesNo
Volume 7, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 85YesNo
Volume 8, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 96YesNo
Volume 9, Ed. 20YesYes
Volume 106YesYes
Volume 116YesYes
Volume 126YesYes
Volume 136YesNo
Volume 146YesYes
Volume 156YesYes
Volume 166YesYes
Volume 176YesYes
Volume 186YesYes
Volume 196YesYes
Volume 206YesYes
Volume 217YesYes
Volume 227YesYes
Volume 237YesYes
Volume 247YesYes
Volume 257YesYes
Volume 267YesYes
Volume 277YesYes
Volume 287YesYes
Volume 297YesYes
Volume 307YesYes
Volume 317YesYes
Volume 327YesYes
Volume 337YesYes
Volume 347YesYes
Volume 357YesYes
Volume 367YesYes
Volume 377YesYes
Volume 387YesYes
Volume 397YesYes
Volume 407YesYes
Volume 417YesYes
Volume 427YesNo
Volume 437YesYes
Volume 447YesYes
Volume 457YesYes
Volume 467YesYes
Volume 477YesYes
Volume 487YesYes
Volume 497YesYes
Volume 507YesYes
Volume 517YesYes
Volume 527YesYes
Volume 537YesYes
Volume 547YesYes
Volume 557YesYes
Volume 567YesYes
Volume 577YesYes
Volume 588YesYes
Volume 597YesYes
Volume 607YesYes
Volume 617YesYes
Volume 627YesYes
Volume 637YesYes
Volume 647YesYes
Volume 657YesYes
Volume 667YesYes
Volume 677YesYes
Volume 687YesYes
Volume 697YesYes
Volume 707YesYes
Volume 717YesYes
Volume 727YesYes
Volume 737YesYes
Volume 747YesYes
Volume 757YesYes
Volume 767YesYes
Volume 777YesYes
Volume 787YesYes
Volume 797YesNo
Volume 807YesYes
Volume 817YesYes
Volume 828YesYes
Volume 838YesYes
Volume 848YesYes
Volume 857YesYes
Volume 867YesYes
Volume 877YesYes
Volume 887YesYes
Volume 897YesYes
Volume 907YesYes
Volume 917YesYes
Volume 927YesYes
Volume 937YesYes
Volume 947YesYes
Volume 957YesYes
Volume 967YesYes
Volume 977YesYes
Volume 987YesYes
Volume 997YesYes
Volume 1007YesYes
Volume 1018YesYes
Volume 1027YesYes
Volume 103, 1907-087YesYes
Volume 104, 19087YesYes
Volume 105, 1908-097YesYes
Volume 106, 1909-107YesYes
Volume 107, 1910-117YesYes
Volume 108, 19117YesYes
Volume 109, 19127YesYes
Volume 110, 1912-137YesYes
Volume 111, 1913-147YesYes
Volume 112, 1914-157YesYes
Volume 113, 19157YesYes
Volume 114, 1915-167YesYes
Volume 115, 1916-178YesYes
Volume 116, 19177YesYes
Volume 117, 1917-188YesYes
Volume 118, 1919-207YesYes
Volume 119, 1920-218YesYes
Volume 120, 19217YesYes
Volume 121, 1921-227YesYes
Volume 122, 1922/237YesYes
Volume 123, 1923-247YesYes
Volume 124, 1924-256YesYes
Volume 125, 1925-267YesYes
Volume 126, 1926-277YesYes
Volume 127, 1928-297YesYes
Volume 128, 1929-307YesYes
Volume 129, 19307YesYes
Volume 130, 19310YesYes
Volume 131, 1932-330YesYes
Volume 132, 1933-340YesYes
Volume 133, 1934-350YesYes
Volume 134, 1935-360YesYes
Volume 135, 1936-380YesYes
Volume 136, 1938-400YesYes
Volume 137, 1940-410YesYes
Volume 138, 1941-420YesYes
Volume 139, 1942-430YesNo
Volume 140, 1943-440YesYes
Volume 141, 1944-450YesNo
Volume 142, 1946-470YesYes
Volume 143, 1947-480YesYes
Volume 144, 19490YesYes
Volume 145, 19500YesYes
Volume 146, 1950-510YesYes
Volume 147, 1951-520YesYes
Volume 148, 1952-530YesYes
Volume 149, 1953-540YesYes
Volume 150, 1954-550YesNo
Volume 151, 1955-560YesNo
Volume 152, 1956-570YesNo
Volume 153, 1957-580YesNo
Volume 154, 1958-590YesNo
Volume 155, 19590YesYes
Volume 156, 19600YesYes
Volume 157, 19610YesYes
Volume 158, 19620YesYes
Volume 159, 19630YesYes
Volume 160, 19640YesYes
Volume 161, 19650YesYes
Digest 1820-1832YesNo