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1820-, Maine Session Laws
Acts and resolves of the Legislature of the State of Maine: title varies, 1820–, var. state printers, 1820– (Between 1691 to 1820, Maine was a
district of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For legislation applying to Maine prior to 1820, please see the pre-1820 listings for Massachusetts elsewhere
on this site. Prior to the American Revolutionary War, the District of Maine also included the provinces of Sagadahoc and Nova Scotia, most of which
areas are now in Canada. In 1819 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed legislation allowing the citizens of Maine to vote on separation. Statehood
followed a successful plebiscite held later that year. The first legislative session for the legislature of the State of Maine was held in May, 1820.
Users of the LLMC-Digital edition of this title are alerted to an anomaly for the years 1916/17 through 1919. As is carefully detailed in Pimsleur’s
Checklist of Basic American Legal Publications, Binder 2, Session Laws-Maine, p. 7, there is more than one “edition” for each of the session laws
volumes during this period. A quick inspection of the various editions conveys the impression that they are identical except for the title pages. However,
because there may be undiscovered differences between the various publications, and for historical completeness, and because we have made it our
mantra to “follow Pimsleur,” LLMC is offering both versions for each session. This means that anyone “calling up” any of these years will be provided with
both “editions.”)
Title:   Laws of the State of Maine : passed by the legislature ... to which is prefixed the Constitution of the state.
OCLC Number:   654742781
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1820 MayYesNo
1820 May & 1821 Jan: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1820 May: ResolvesYesNo
1821 Jan: ResolvesYesNo
1822 JanYesNo
1822 Jan: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1822 Jan: ResolvesYesNo
1823 Jan 3rd LegisYesNo
1823 Jan 3rd Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1823 Jan 3rd Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1824 Jan 4th LegisYesNo
1824 Jan 4th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1824 Jan 4th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1825 Jan 5th LegisYesNo
1825 Jan 5th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1825 Jan 5th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1826 Jan 6th LegisYesNo
1826 Jan 6th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1826 Jan 6th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1827 Jan 7th LegisYesNo
1827 Jan 7th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1827 Jan 7th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1828 Jan 8th LegisYesNo
1828 Jan 8th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1828 Jan 8th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1829 Jan 9th LegisYesNo
1829 Jan 9th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1829 Jan 9th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1830 Jan 10th LegisYesNo
1830 Jan 10th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1830 Jan 10th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1831 Jan 11th LegisYesNo
1831 Jan 11th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1831 Jan 11th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1832 Jan 12th LegisYesNo
1832 Jan 12th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1832 Jan 12th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1833 Jan 13th LegisYesNo
1833 Jan 13th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1833 Jan 13th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1834 Jan 14th LegisYesNo
1834 Jan 14th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1834 Jan 14th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1835 Jan 15th LegisYesNo
1835 Jan 15th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1835 Jan 15th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1836 Jan 16th LegisYesNo
1836 Jan 16th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1836 Jan 16th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1837 Jan 17th LegisYesNo
1837 Jan 17th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1837 Jan 17th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1838 Jan 18th LegisYesNo
1838 Jan 18th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1838 18th Jan Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1839 Jan 19th LegisYesNo
1839 Jan 19th Legis: Private & Spec. actsYesNo
1839 Jan 19th Legis: ResolvesYesNo
1840 Jan 20th LegisYesNo
1840 Sept 20th Legis Adj SessYesNo
1841 Jan 21st LegisYesNo
1842 Jan 22nd Legis & May 22nd Legis Ext SessYesNo
1843 Jan 23rd LegisYesNo
1844 Jan 24th LegisYesNo
1845 Jan 25th LegisYesNo
1846 May 26th LegisYesNo
1847 May 27th LegisYesNo
1848 May 28th LegisYesNo
1849 May 29th LegisYesNo
1850 May 30th LegisYesNo
1850 May 30th Legis, c.2YesNo
1851 May 31st LegisYesNo
1851 May 31st Legis, c.2YesNo
1852 Jan 31st Legis 2nd SessYesNo
1853 Jan 32nd LegisYesNo
1853 Sep 32nd Legis Ext SessYesNo
1854 Jan 33rd Legis Reg SessYesNo
1855 Jan 34th Legis YesNo
1856 Jan 35th LegisYesNo
1857 Jan 36th LegisYesNo
1858 Jan 37th LegisYesNo
1859 Jan 38th LegisYesNo
1860 Jan 39th LegisYesNo
1861 Jan 40th LegisYesNo
1861 Apr 40th Legis Ext SessYesNo
1862 Jan 41st LegisYesNo
1863 Jan 42nd LegisYesNo
1864 Jan 43rd LegisYesNo
1865 Jan 44th LegisYesNo
1866 Jan 45th LegisYesNo
1867 Jan 46th LegisYesNo
1868 Jan 47th LegisYesNo
1869 Jan 48th LegisYesNo
1870 Jan 49th LegisYesNo
1871 Jan 50th LegisYesNo
1872 Jan 51st LegisYesNo
1873 Jan 52nd LegisYesNo
1874 Jan 53rd LegisYesNo
1875 Jan 54th LegisYesNo
1876 Jan 55th LegisYesNo
1877 Jan 56th LegisYesNo
1878 Jan 57th LegisYesNo
1879 Jan 58th LegisYesNo
1880 Jan 59th LegisYesNo
1881 Jan 60th LegisYesNo
1883 Jan 61st LegisYesNo
1885 Jan 62nd LegisYesYes
1887 Jan 63rd LegisYesYes
1889 Jan 64th LegisYesYes
1891 Jan 65th LegisYesYes
1893 Jan 66th LegisYesYes
1895 Jan 67th LegisYesYes
1897 Jan 68th LegisYesYes
1899 Jan 69th LegisYesYes
1901 Jan 70th Legis.YesYes
1903 Jan 71st Legis.YesYes
1905 Jan 72nd Legis.YesNo
1907 Jan 73rd Legis.YesNo
1909 Jan 74th Legis.YesNo
1911 Jan 75th legis.YesNo
1912 Mar 75th Legis Ext. Sess.YesNo
1913 Jan 76th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesNo
1915 Jan 77th Legis.YesYes
1916 Sept 77th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1917 Jan 78th Legis.YesYes
1919 Jan 79th Legis.YesYes
1919 Nov 79th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1920 Aug 79th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1921 Jan 80th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1923 Jan 81st Legis.YesYes
1925 Jan 82nd Legis.YesYes
1927 Jan 83rd Legis.YesYes
1929 Jan 84th Legis.YesYes
1930 Aug 84th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1931 Jan 85th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1932 Apr 85th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1933 Jan 86th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1933 Nov 86th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1933 Dec 86th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1934 Nov 86th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1935 Jan 87th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1936 Dec 87th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesNo
1937 Jan 88th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesNo
1937 Oct 88th Legis Spec SessYesNo
1939 Jan 89th Legis Reg SessYesNo
1940 May-Oct 89th Spec SessionsYesNo
1941 Jan 90th Legis Reg SessYesNo
1942 Jan 90th Legis Spec SessYesYes
1943 Jan 91st Legis Reg SessYesYes
1944 Apr-Sept 91st Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1945 Jan 92nd Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1946 Jul 92nd Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1947 Jan 93rd Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1949 Jan 94th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1950 Feb 94th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1951 Jan 95th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1953 Jan 96th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1954 Sept 96th Spec SessYesNo
1955 Jan 97th Reg SessYesNo
1957 Jan 98th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1957-58 Oct 98th Legis. Spec. Sess.YesYes
1959 Jan 99th Legis. Reg. Sess.YesYes
1960 Jan 99th Spec. Sess.YesYes
1961 Jan 100th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1961 Nov 100th Spec. Sess.YesYes
1963 Jan 101st Reg. Sess.YesYes
1964 Jan 101st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1964 Cum. Tables and IndexYesYes
1965 Jan 102nd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1966 Jan 102nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1967 Jan 103rd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1967-68 Oct Spec. Sess.YesYes
1969 Jan 104th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1970 Jan Spec. Sess.YesNo
1971 Jan 105th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1972 Jan Spec. Sess.YesNo
1973 Jan 106th Reg. Sess.YesNo
1974 Jan 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1975 Jan 107th Reg. Sess.YesYes
1975 Jan 107th Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1976 Jan-Jun 1st & 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1977 Jan 108th 1st Reg. Sess.YesYes
1977 Jan 108th 1st Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1978 Jan 108th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1978 Oct-Dec Spec. Sess.YesYes
1979 Jan 109th 1st Reg. Sess.YesYes
1979 Jan 109th 1st Reg. Sess. Pt .2YesYes
1979 Oct 4th 109th 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1979 Oct 10th 109th 2nd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1980 Jan 109th 2nd Reg. Sess.YesYes
1980 May 109th 3rd Spec. Sess.YesYes
1980-81 Dec 110th 1st Reg. Sess.YesYes
1981 Aug 110th 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1981-82 Sept 110th 2nd-5th Spec. Sess.YesYes
1982-83 Dec 111th 1st Reg. Sess.YesYes
1982-83 Dec 111th 1st Reg. Sess. Pt. 2YesYes
1983 Sept 111th 1st Spec. Sess.YesYes
1983 Nov 111th 2nd Spec SessYesYes
1984 Jan 111th 2nd Reg SessYesYes
1984 Sep 111th 3rd Spec SessYesYes
1984 Dec 112th 1st Reg SessYesNo
1984 Dec 112th 1st Reg Sess, V.2YesNo
1985 Nov 112th 1st Spec Sess, V.2YesNo
1986 Jan 112th 2nd Reg Sess, V.3YesNo
1986 Jan 112th 2nd Reg Sess, V.4YesNo
1986 May 112th 2nd Spec Sess, V.4YesNo
1986 Oct 112th 3rd Spec Sess, V.4YesNo
1986 Dec 113th 1st Reg SessYesNo
1987 Oct 9, 113th 1st Spec Sess, V.2YesNo
1987 Oct 21, 113th 2nd Spec Sess, V.2YesNo
1988 Jan 113th 2nd Reg Sess, V.2YesNo
1988 Sept 113th 3rd Spec Sess, V.3YesNo
1988 Nov 113th 4th Spec Sess, V.3YesNo
1988 Dec 114th 1st Reg Sess Vol. 1YesNo
1988 Dec 114th 1st Reg Sess Vol. 2YesNo
1989 Aug 114th 1st Spec. Sess & 1990 Jan 2nd Reg. Sess.YesNo
1990 Dec 115th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
1990 Dec 115th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2 & 1991 July 1st Spec SessYesNo
1991 Dec 115th 2nd Spec Sess & 1992 Jan 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1992 Oct 115th 3rd Spec Sess, 1992 Oct 2nd 4th Spec Sess & 1992 Dec 116th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
1992 Dec 116th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
1994 Jan 116th 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1994 Dec 117th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
1994 Dec 117th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
1995 Nov 117th 1st Spec Sess & 1996 Jan 2nd Reg SessYesNo
1996 Sept 117th 2nd Spec Sess, 1996 Dec 118th 1st Reg Sess & 1997 Mar 1st Spec SessYesNo
1997 Mar 118th 1st Spec Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
1998 Jan 118th 2nd Reg Sess & 1998 April 2nd Spec SessYesNo
1998 Dec 119th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
1998 Dec 119th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
2000 Jan 119th 2nd Reg SessYesNo
2000 Dec 120th 1st Reg SessYesNo
2002 Jan 120th 2nd Reg SessYesNo
2002 Nov 120th 1st Spec Sess & 2002 Dec 121st 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
2002 Dec 121st 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
2003 Aug 121st 1st Spec Sess, 2004 Jan 2nd Reg Sess & 2004 Feb 2nd Spec SessYesNo
2004 Dec 122nd 1st Reg Sess & 2005 Apr 1st Spec Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
2005 Apr 122nd 1st Spec Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
2005 Jul 122nd 2nd Spec Sess & 2006 Jan 2nd Reg SessYesNo
2006 Dec 123rd 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
2006 Dec 123rd 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
2008 Jan 123rd 2nd Reg Sess & 2008 Apr 1st Spec SessYesNo
2008 Dec 124th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesNo
2008 Dec 124th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesNo
2010 Jan 124th 2nd Reg SessYesNo
2010 Dec 125th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 1YesYes
2011 Dec 125th 1st Reg Sess, Vol. 2YesYes
Index-Private & Special Laws 1820 to 1944YesNo
Index-Private & Special Laws 1944 to 1957YesNo
Cumulative Subject Index & Cross Ref. Tables 1964-1988YesNo
Cumulative Subject Index & Cross Ref. Tables 1989-2006YesNo