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1806/07-c, Legislative Calendar (1961-)
Legislative calendar of the State of Louisiana: title varies, 1961-, New Orleans/Baton Rouge, var. state printers, 1961–. (The calendars for the
House of Representatives and for the Senate for the years1888-1933 were issued as part of the House Legislative Journal, see LLMC Title No. 40795; and The
Council/Senate Journals, see LLMC Title No. 40796. After 1960 the separate House and Senate calendars were merged into a combined publication, The
Legislative Calendar; see LLMC Title No. 40807.)
Title:   Legislative calendar of the state of Louisiana.
OCLC Number:   956952294
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Ending June 1961YesNo
Ending July 1962YesNo
1963 June Ex SessYesNo
Ending June 1963YesNo
Ending Dec 1964YesNo
Ending July 1964YesNo
Ending Dec 1966YesNo
Ending July 1966YesNo
Ending July1967YesNo
Ending June 1967YesNo
Ending Dec 1968YesNo
Ending July 1968YesNo
Ending June 1969YesNo
Ending Feb 1970YesNo
Ending July 1970YesNo
2d WeekYesNo
3d WeekYesNo
Ending June 1971YesNo
Ending Aug 1972YesNo
Ending July 1972YesNo
Ending Dec 1973YesNo
Ending Nov 1974YesNo
Ending July 1974YesNo
Ending Jan 1975YesNo
Ending Oct 1976YesNo
Ending Aug 1976YesNo
Ending Aug 1977YesNo
Ending July 1978YesNo
Ending July 1979YesNo
Ending Mar 1980YesNo
Ending Sept 1980YesNo
Ending July 1980YesNo
Ending July 1980YesNo
Ending Nov 1981YesNo
Ending Jul 1981YesNo
Ending July 1981YesNo
Ending July 1982YesNo
Ending July 1982YesNo
Ending Jan 1983YesNo
Ending Dec 1983YesNo
Ending July 1983YesNo
Ending Mar 1984YesNo
Ending July 1984YesNo
Ending July 1984YesNo
V1 Ending July 1985YesNo
V2 Ending July 1985YesNo
V1 Ending July 1986YesNo
V2 Ending July 1986YesNo
Ending July 1987YesNo
Ending July 1987YesNo
Ending July 1987 V2YesNo
Ending Mar 1988YesNo
Ending Oct 1988YesNo
Ending July 1988YesNo
Ending July 1988 V2YesNo
Feb 1989YesNo
1989 JulyYesNo
Ending July 1989YesNo
Ending July 1989 V2YesNo
Ending July 1990YesNo
Ending July 1990 V2YesNo