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1863-, Idaho, House Journals
Journals of the House of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Idaho: title varies, 1863-, var. state printers, series continues. (Future Idaho’s
boundaries changed drastically during the fifteen years preceding 1868. At the start of 1853 future Idaho was still an undifferentiated part of the
massive Oregon Territory, which at that time also included all of the area that later became Washington State and big parts of present-day Montana and
Wyoming. Later that year, the northern portion of future Idaho became part of the new Washington Territory, while the southern portion remained with
the Oregon Territory. In 1859 what is now Oregon became a state, and Washington Territory was expanded to include all of future Idaho and the parts of
future Wyoming and Montana that used to belong to the Oregon territory. That huge area proving too large for effective governance, in 1863 all of
modern Idaho and Montana, and much of modern Wyoming were severed off from Washington Territory to become the Idaho Territory {Version One}; an area larger
than modern Texas. It quickly becoming clear that this new jurisdiction was equally unwieldy, in 1864 Congress elevated the Montana portion into a
separate territory, and gave much of the Wyoming portion to the Dakota Territory; leaving the Idaho Territory {Version Two} with its current footprint
plus some of future Wyoming. Finally, in 1868, Wyoming became a territory on its own, taking part of the eastern Idaho Territory with it. The 1868
boundaries of Idaho Territory {Version Three} became the final boundaries of the Idaho we know today. The first session of the Legislature of the
Territory of Idaho met in Dec., 1863. The first session of the State Legislature met in Dec., 1890.)
Title:   Journal of the House of Representatives of Idaho : reformatted from the original and including, Journal of the ... House of Representatives, Idaho Territory ...
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1905 Jan 8th SessYesNo
1912 11th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1917 Jan 14th SessYesNo
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1920 Feb 15th Leg Ext SessYesNo
1921 Jan 16th SessYesNo
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1937 Jan 24th SessYesNo
1938 Nov 24th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1939 Jan 25th SessYesNo
1941 Jan 26th SessYesNo
1943 Jan 27th SessYesNo
1945 Jan 28th SessYesNo
1947 Jan 29th SessYesNo
1949 Jan 30th SessYesNo
1950 Feb 30th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1951 Jan 31st SessYesNo
1953 Jan 32d SessYesNo
1955 Jan 33d SessYesNo
1957 Jan 34th SessYesNo
1959 Jan 35th SessYesNo
1961 Jan 36th SessYesNo
1963 Jan 37th SessYesNo
1965 Jan 38th SessYesNo
1965 Mar 38th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1966 Feb 38th Leg 2d Ext SessYesNo
1966 Mar 38th Leg 3d Ext SessYesNo
1967 Jan 39th SessYesNo
1967 June 39th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1968 Jan 39th Leg 2d Ext SessYesNo
1968 Dec 40th Sess YesNo
1970 Jan 40th SessYesNo
1971 Jan 41st SessYesNo
1971 Mar 41st Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1972 Jan 41st Sess YesNo
1976 Jan 43d SessYesNo
1977 Dec Org Sess & 44th LegYesNo
1978 Jan 44th SessYesNo
1979 Dec Org Sess & 45th Leg YesNo
1980 Jan 45th SessYesNo
1980 May 45th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1981 Dec Org Sess & 46th LegYesNo
1981 July 46th SessYesNo
1982 Jan 46th SessYesNo
1983 Dec Org Sess & 47th LegYesNo
1983 May 47th Leg 1st Ext SessYesNo
1984 47th SessYesNo
1985 Dec Org Sess & 48th LegYesNo
1986 Jan 48th SessYesNo
1987 Dec Org Sess & 49th LegYesNo
1988 Jan 49th SessYesNo
1989 Dec Org Sess & 50th Leg YesNo