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1801-50 & '63-93, District of Columbia Rpts.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia: Vols. 1–21, a retroactively re-numbered series by various
reporters and publishers. (The U.S. Circuit Ct. for the Dist. of Columbia was created in Feb. 1801, weeks after Congress had created six circuit
courts covering the rest of the country. It thus acquired the name “U.S. Cir, Ct. for the 7th Cir.” and is sometimes referred to as such in the
contemporary literature. A District Ct. of the Dist. of Columbia, whose judgments were subject to appeal to the Circuit Ct., was also established in 1802. In a
court reorganization effected in Mar., 1863, the U.S. Cir. Ct. of the Dist. of Columbia was replaced by a Supreme Court of the Dist. of Columbia.
Despite the change in name and some restructuring of its functions, the court retained the powers and jurisdiction of a circuit and district court of the
U. S. A curious extension of the court's work was that it also was assigned to handle appeals from the Commissioner of Patents. Reporting of the
cases of the Cir. Ct. for the years 1801-50 & 1863–93 was first accomplished by separately-published titles, These were later re-numbered into the present
series. The initial publication in separate titles began with a set by William Cranch {Ch. Just. from 1806–1855} covering cases for the years
1801–1840: Vol. 1–5 plus separate index volume, Boston, Little, Brown and Co., 1852–53. The years 1863–72 were reported by Franklin H. Mackey, in 2 vols.,
Wash., The Law Reporter Co., 1889–91. The years 1873–93 were reported by Arthur MacArthur, in 3 vols., Wash., W.H. & O.H. Morrison, 1875–81. The years
1879–80 were reported by MacArthur and Franklin H. Mackey, in 1 vol., Baltimore, M. Curlander, 1884. The years 1880–92 were reported by Mackey, in 9
vols.; V.1-2, Wash., J.L. Ginck, 1883–84 & V.3–9, Baltimore, Curlander, 1885–93. The years 1892–93 were reported by Charles C. Tucker and Walter C.
Clephane, 1 vol., Baltimore, Curlander, 1895. In summary, the present series, as re-numbered, is composed as follows: DC Repts., V.1-5 – Cranch v.1-5 &
index; DC Repts. V.6-7 – Mackey, v.1-2; DC Repts., V.8–10 – MacArthur, v.1-3; DC Repts. V.11 – MacArthur & Mackey, 1v.; DC Repts., V.12-20 – Mackey,
v.1-9; & DC Repts., V.21 – Tucker & Clephane, 1 v. The years 1840–63 are not covered in the present renumbered series, but were reported retroactively
by J.A. Hayward & G.C. Hazelton in a separate two-volume title published in 1895, District of Columbia Rpts., 1840–63, offered elsewhere on this
site. The present series, the re-numbered District of Columbia Reports, ended with another reorganization of the D.C. court system in 1893. Subsequent
D.C. cases appear in a series entitled District of Columbia Appeals Cases, offered elsewhere on this site.)
Title:   District of Columbia reports : reformatted from the original and including, Reports of cases civil and criminal in the United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia ...
OCLC Number:   190787348
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, 1801-10 - Cranch8YesYes
Volume 2, 1810-26 - Cranch9YesYes
Volume 3, 1826-30 - Cranch8YesYes
Volume 4, 1830-36 - Cranch9YesYes
Volume 5, 1836-41 - Cranch8YesNo
Volume 6, 1863-68 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 7, 1869-72 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 8, 1873-74 - MacArthur8YesYes
Volume 9, 1875-76 - MacArthur7YesYes
Volume 10, 1877-79 - MacArthur7YesYes
Volume 11, 1879-80 - MacArthur & Mackey6YesYes
Volume 12, 1880-82 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 13, 1882-83 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 14, 1883-85 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 15, 1885-86 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 16, 1886-87 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 17, 1887-88 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 18, 1888-90 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 19, 1890-91 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 20, 1891-92 - Mackey0YesYes
Volume 21, 1892-93 - Tucker & Clephane0YesYes
Index 1, Vol. 1-5 - Cranch5YesYes