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1790-1800, Documentary History Supreme Court of the U.S., 1985-2004, 9bks
The documentary history of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1789-1800: ed. by Maeva Marcus et al, Vol. 1-8 in 9 bks., NY, Columbia Univ. Pr.,
1985-2004. (TOCs and indices specific to the differing classes of content in the various volumes are provided respectively at the front and end of
each volume. This massive scholarly project pulls together in one place and for the first time an enormous trove of documents illustrating the birth and
evolution of the U.S. Supreme Court during its first dozen seminal years, 1789-1800. The documents assembled, replicated, and commented upon, are
organized among the nine books as follows: V.1, pt.1. Appointments of justices and confirmation proceedings; V.1, pt.2, Commentaries by contemporaries on
the appointments and confirmation proceedings; V.2, The justices on circuit in the years 1790-1794; V.3. The justices on circuit, 1795-1800; V.4,
Organizing the federal judiciary, legislation and commentaries by contemporaries; V.5, Suits against states, with pertinent documentation; V.6, Other
cases during the years 1790-1795; v. 7, Other cases, 1796-1797; v. 8, Other cases, 1798-1800.)
Title:   The Documentary history of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1789-1800 / with a foreword by Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice of the United States ; Maeva Marcus, editor, James R. Perry, editor ; James M. Buchanan, associate editor, Christine R. Jordan, associate editor ; Stephen L. Tull, assistant editor, Sandra F. VanBurkleo, assistant editor, Sarah E. Blank, assistent editor, Nancy L. Matthews, assistant editor ; Marc Pachter, illustrations editor.
OCLC Number:   560536142
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
Volume 1, Part 1 - Appts. & ProceedingsYesNo
Volume 1, Part 2 - Commentaries on Appts. & ProceedingsYesNo
Volume 2 - The Justices on Circuit 1790-1794YesNo
Volume 3 - The Justices on Circuit 1795-1800YesNo
Volume 4 - Organizing the Federal Judiciary: Leg. & CommentariesYesNo
Volume 5 - Suits Against StatesYesNo
Volume 6 - Cases: 1790-1795YesNo
Volume 7 - Cases: 1796-1797YesNo
Volume 8 - Cases: 1798-1800YesNo