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1774-10-20, Extracts of votes and proceedings
October 20, 1774 broadside that listed various extracts from the votes and proceedings of the Continental Congress. The document listed the steps
that would take effect in December 1774; essentially there would be embargo against British merchants, as well as a non-exportation and non-consumption
of various goods (including tea) agreement. Proceedings of the Continental Congress, referred to as the General Congress of Delegates from several
British Colonies in North America, which was held from September 17-19, 1774 in Philadelphia. Among the various resolutions were an acknowledgement
that King George III was sovereign; but that the English Parliament's retaliatory acts following the Boston Tea Party were violations of the laws and
rights of the American colonists. The Congress then declared that many current political and judicial holders were considered unconstitutional officers,
and would withhold support to them and other governmental agencies. This broadside was printed in New York by John Holt. For Boston printing, see
LLMC #39552. (Digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the New York Historical Society Library).
Title:   The following extracts from the votes and proceedings of the American Continental Congress, we are induced to publish thus early purely to ease the impatience of the public : Association, &c. ...
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