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1831-08-30, Ottoway-U.S.
Articles of Agreement and Convention between the United States and the Ottoway Indians residing within the State of Ohio, August 30, 1831, 7 Stat.
359-364. ( Articles of Agreement between the United States and the Ottoway Indians residing within the State of Ohio in which the Ottoway Indians on
Blanchard's Fork of the Great Auglaize River cede the land described in Article I. The Ottawa Indians residing near Roche de Boeuf on the Miami River
cede the land reserved for them by the Treaty of Detroit, 7 Stat. 105 (LLMC 69792). The Ottawas residing at Blancard's Fork were relocated to land
adjoining the Shawnees of Missouri and Ohio on the Kansas River. The United States agreed to pay for the relocation and advance the Indians $2,000 for
improvements to their new location. The agreement and convention was concluded at the foot of the Rapids of the Miami River of Lake Erie on August 30,
Title:   Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded this thirtieth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one / by and between James B. Gardiner, specially appointed commissioner on the part of the United States, on the one part, and the chiefs, head men and warriors of the Band of Ottoway Indians residing within the state of Ohio on the other part, for the cession of the several tracts of land now held and occupied by said Indians within that state, by reservations made under the treaty concluded at Detroit on the 17th day of November, 1807, and the treaty made at the foot of the rapids of the Miami river of Lake Erie, on the 29th of September, 1817.
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