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1812, Laws of Henri Christophe, Code Henry
Code Henry: n.a., vii+1-326+(3)+1-47+1-16+1-110+1-16,+1-75+1-32+1-112+1-27+1-, Cap Henry, Chex P. Roux, Imp. du Roi, n.d. (1812). (This compendium of
laws relating to the “Kingdom of the North,” the royal domain of Henry 1 of Haiti, was published by his Privy Council with the King’s approbabtion on
20 Feb. 1812. The preface, pp. i-vii, issued in the name of the Privy Council, purports to place the evolution of this Haitian code within historical
contexts while meeting peculiarly Haitian needs. There is no index or t.o.c. Some guidance may be derived from knowing the order of the laws covered,
each with separate pagination: Loi civile, pp.1-326; Articles additionnels à la Loi civile, (3); Loi de commerce, pp.1-47; Loi sur les prises,
pp.1-16; Loi sur la procédure civile, pp.1-110; Loi criminelle, correctionnelle et de police, pp.1-16; Loi sur la procédure criminelle, police
correctionnelle, et la simple police, pp.1-75; Loi concernant la culture, pp.1-32; Loi militaire, pp.1-112; Loi pénale militaire, pp.1-27; Royal edict proclaiming
the assembled codes as the “Code Henry,” final pp.1-3. See also a collection of earlier legislation by Christophe, in Spanish translation, offered
elsewhere on this site as: Haiti- Leg- 1807, Early Laws of Henri Christophe {Sp. Transla. 1810}.)
Title:   Code Henry.
OCLC Number:   263036922
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