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Root, Rights & Duties of Nations, 1916 (Sp.)
Root, The Importance of Judicial Settlement, 1911
Savigny, Private Intl. Law, 1869 ed., Guthrie
Scott, 1906, Cases on International Law
Scott, 1910, Am. Soc. Juridical Settlement, Scope & Work
Scott, 1912, The Court of Arbitral Justice
Scott, 1914, The Status of the International Court of Justice
Scott, 1917, Project of an International Court of Justice
Snow, 1911, Devel. of Am. Doctrine of Jurisdiction of Cts. over States
Snow, 1916, Judicative Conciliation
Stockton, Outlines of International Law, c.1914
Suijling, The Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 & 1907, 1910
Taft, 1912, Proposed Arbitration Treaties with England & France
Taft, 2015, U.S. Supreme Court, Prototype of a World Court
Twiss, Two Lectures on Science of International law, 1856
UN, Progress of the non-self-governing territories under the Charter, 1960-62.
Vance, 1915, U.S. Supreme Court as an International Tribunal
Vance, 1917, The Vision of a World Court
Varela, History, Argentine/Chile Border Demarcation, 2v
Westlake, 1894, Chapters on International Law
Westlake, 1907-10, International Law
Wheaton, 1858, British Search of Am. Ships, Policing Slave Trade
Wheaton, Elements of Intl' Law, 1868-73, Fr. Ed., 4v
Wheaton, Elements of Intl' Law, 1878, Eng.Ed.
Wheaton, Elements of Intl' Law, 1889, 3rd Eng.Ed.
Wheaton, Elements of Intl' Law, 1916, 5th Eng.Ed.
Wheeler, 1912, International Regulation of Ocean Travel
Wheeler, 1912, Procedure for Submission to Perm. Ct. of Intl’ Justice
Wheeler, 1916, A World Court and International Police
White, 1916, Appointment of Judges to International Arbitral Court
Wilson, 1911, The Next Step Toward an International Court
Wilson, 1915, The Hague Arbitration Cases
Woolsey, Introduction to International Law, 1879, 5ed
Woolsey, Introduction to International Law, 1908, 6ed
Wright, International Law Enforcement in the U.S., 1916
1967-1977, Official Gazette, East African Community
1970, Laws of the East African Community, Rev.Ed.
South West Africa cases; report of the Committee and background materials, 1968.
EFTA - Convention & Rela. Agrees., 1979
Maritime Law Association, Full Documents Ser.
Maritime Law Association, Full Documents Ser., Ind.
Perm. Ct. Intl' Just., 1920, Protocol Establishing the Court, HMSO, 1923
Perm. Ct. Intl' Just., 1922, Stats. & Rules
Perm. Ct. Intl' Just., 1925a, U.S. Membership, Cong., Hse. Hearings
Perm. Ct. Intl' Just., 1925b, U.S. Membership, Cong., Hse. Com. Rpt.
Perm. Ct. Intl' Just., 1926a, Conf. of State Signatories, Off. Com. Rpt.
Perm. Ct. Intl’ Just., 1926b, Conf. of State Signatories, Final Act
Wheeler, 1912, Procedure for Submission to Perm. Ct. of Intl’ Justice
Benny, Criminal Code of the Jews, 1880
Goodenough, Jurisprudence of the Jewish Courts in Egypt, 1929
Harper, Code of Hammurabi, 1904
Kocourek/Wigmore, Sources, An. & Primitive Law, 1915
Maine, Ancient law, 1864.
Morris, The Frankpledge System, 1910
Reich, Papyri juristischen Inhalts in hieratischer und demotischer Schrift aus dem British Museum, 1914
Revillout, Notice des papyrus démotiques archaïques et autres textes juridiques ou historiques …. 1896
Taubenschlag, Law of Greco-Roman Egypt in Light of the Papyri, 2v., 1944-1948
Thonissen, Hist. of Crim. Law of Ancient Peoples, 1869
American Decisions, 1760-1869, v.1-100, all publ.
American Reports, 1870-87, v.1-60, all publ.
Rapalje's Digest, 1891, 3v (covers two previous titles)
American State Reports, 1886-1911, v.1-140, all publ.
Green's Digest, 1904-12, 5v (covers all of previous title)
Am. & Eng. Annot. Cases, v. 1-21 (1906-11) & v. 1912A -1918E, 32 bks
A. & E. Annot. Cases, Kreider's Notes/Index, 1922 (covers v. 1912-18 only)
Lawyers' Reports, Annot., O.S., 1888-1906, 70+2v., all pub.(1922ed.)
Lawyers' Reports, Annot., N.S., 1906-1918, v.1-52 + v.1915A-1918F, 24 bks, all publ.
Lawyers' Rpts. Ann., Dig., 1921, covers both previous series
Atlantic Reporter, 1st Series
Northeastern Reporter, 1st Series
Northwestern Reporter, 1st Series
Pacific Reporter, 1st Series
Southeastern Reporter, 1st Series
Southern Reporter, 1st Series
Southwestern Reporter, 1st Series
Administrative Law, Am. Cas. on, Goodnow, 1906
Admiralty, Curtis, 1839
American Electrical Cases, 9v., 1873-1908.
American State Trials, 1914-36, v. 1-13 only
Bankruptcy - American Bankruptcy Rpts., Annot., 1Ser., 1899-1923
Bankruptcy - National Bankruptcy Register Rpts., 1868-82, 19v.
Corporation Cases, American & English, 1 Ser., 1833-94, all pub.
Corporation Cases, American & English, N.S., 1896-1904,all publ.
Criminal Law Cases, Bennett/Heard, 1869
Criminal Reporter, Federal and State, 1895-96, 3v.
Equity Decisions, Putnam, 1851
Insurance Law, Littleton & Blatchley, 2ed, 1868
Interstate Commerce, Decisions Under Act, 1913, 2ed, Lust/Merriam
Labor Relations Act, Court Dec., 1939-86
Monopoly & Trade Restraint Cases, Lewson, 1908
Patent Cases, Law's, 1868
RR - Am. & Eng. Railroad Cases, 1Ser, 1881-95, all publ.
RR, Am. & Eng. R.R. Cas., 2Ser, 1894-1901, V.1-23 only
RR, Railroad Reports, V.1-45 (also numbered as A&E RR Cas,v.24-68)
RR, Smith & Bates Cases on Railways, 1854
Ruling Cases Annotated, 5v
SEC Judicial Decisions, 1934-48, 5v.
Ruling Caselaw, 28v.
American & Eng. Encyclopedia of Law, 1896-1908, 2ed, 32+5v
Encyclopædia of evidence, 1902-09, 14v. & Supplements.
AALS, Directory of Law Teachers
AALS, Handbook
AALS, Newsletter
AALS, Placement Bulletin
AALS, Proceedings of Ann. Meetings, 1902-
American Bar Association Journal, 1915-
American Law Journal, 1808-17 (& Misc. Repertory)
American Law Journal, 1848-52
Bar Bulletin (Boston Bar Assn.) 1924-
Cambridge Law Journal, 1923-
Constitutional Review, 1917-29, 13v
Denver Law Journal, 1883/84
Detroit Law Review, 1931-48
Dickinson Law Review, 1897 (The Forum, v.1-12)
Dicta, 1928-62 (formerly Denver Bar Assn. Record, 1923-)
Green Bag, 1889-1914
International Law Studies, U.S. Naval War College, 1900-
Journal of Jurisprudence, 1820, (Philadelphia, all publ.)
Loyola Law Journal, 1919-32
Magistrate & Constable (PA), 1895
Mississippi Law Review, 1922-23
Ohio State Law Journal, 1935-
Oklahoma Law Journal, 1902-15, all publ.
Pennsylvania Law Journal, 1842-48
Pennsylvania Law Record, 1879-80
South-western Law Journal & Reporter, 1844
University of Detroit Bi-Monthly Law Rev., 1916-31
Virginia Law Journal, 1877-93
Virginia Law Register, NS, 1915-28
Virginia Law Register, OS, 1895-1915
Virginia State Bar Association Ann. Rpts.
West Virginia Law Review, 1894-
Cowell's Interpreter of Words & Terms, 1701
Cunningham's New/Complete Law Dict.,1764-5
Jacob's New Law-Dictionary, 1736
Jacob's New Law-Dictionary, 1762
Jacob's New Law-Dictionary, 1782
New Law-Dictionary, 1772
American Digest System, Century Edition, 1658-1896, 50v.
American Digest System, Decennial 1st., 1897-1906, 20v+5 ind.v
American Digest System, Decennial 2nd., 1907-1916, 23v+2 ind.v
Cyclopedic Dictionary of Law, 1901 (Shumaker/Longsdorf)
Legal Correspondents in the U.S., 1869 (Edwards/Hipple)
Mercantile Register, 1881- (McKillop, Walker & Co.)
Read's List of Attorney's & Correspondents, 1887?
Statesman’s Year Book, 1864--
Walters Collection Company, Directory of Associate Attorneys, 1894?
Wilber Mercantile Agency, 1881, Directory of Attorneys
Wilber Mercantile Agency, 1886, Directory of Attorneys
Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 1887-89 (Appleton)
Encyclopedia Britannica (classic 11th ed.)
State Law Index, 1925-48 (U.S.)
1925, Foreign Loans, Cong. Hearings, (passim on Haiti)
AALS, Sel. Essays in Anglo-Am. Legal Hist., 1907/09, 3v.
ABA & U.S. Bur. of Ed., Report on Legal Education, 1893
Adams, C.F. fils.; Charles Francis Adams, A Biography, 1900
Adams, C.F.; Charles Francis Adams, 1835-1915 : an autobiography, 1916
Adams, H., 1877, Docs. relating to New-Eng. Federalism. 1800-15
Adams, H., 1884, John Randolph, A Biography
Adams, H., 1891-96, History of the U.S.A., 10 v, imperf. run
Adams, H., 1910?, John Randolph, A Biography
Adams, H., 1918, Education of Henry Adams
Adams, J.- Adams, John, A Biography (Morse, J.T., 1912?)
Adams, J.Q.- Adams, John Quincy, A Biography (Morse, J.T., 1898)
Adams, Letters of John Adams addressed to his wife, 2v., 1841
Adams, New England in the Republic, 1776-1850.
Adams, Revolutionary New England, 1691-1776
Adams, S.- Samuel Adams, A Biography (Hosmer, 1913?)
Addison on Contracts, 1847, Lond., Benning
Addison on Contracts, 1853, 3ed, Lond., Stevens & Norton
Addison on Contracts, 1862, 5ed, Lond., Stevens & Haynes
Addison on Contracts, 1869, 6ed, Lond., Stevens & Sons, ed. Cave
Addison on Contracts, 1875, 7ed, Lond., Stevens & Warwick, ed. Cave
Addison on Contracts, 1881, 3rd Am. ed., N.J., Linn, ed. Morgan
Addison on Contracts, 1883, 8ed, Am., Lond., Stevens, ed. Smith
Addison on Contracts, 1888, 8ed, Am., Boston, Rdson, ed. Abbott/W.
Addison on Contracts, 1892, 9ed., Lond., Stevens, ed. Smith
Addison, The Law of Torts, 1874
Agnew, The Statute of Frauds, 1876
Alcorn, Duties & Liabilities of Bank Directors, 1915?
Aldrich, 1910, Address on Work of Nat. Monetary Commission (NMC)
Aldrich, 1911, Sug. Plan for Monetary Legislation, 1911 (NMC)
Aldrich, 1911, Sug. Plan for Monetary Legislation, Rev. (NMC)
Almon, Libels, Warrants & Seizures, 1764
Altman, Saving, Investment & National Income, 1941 (TNEC)
American Academy Medicine, Medical Problems of Legislation, 1917
American Defense Society, Crimes of Germany, 1918
American Statesmen Series, General Index, 1917?, 2ed
Ames, H.V., The XYZ Letters (1899)
Ames, J.B., Lectures on Legal History, etc., 1913
Anderson, Taxation, Recovery & Defense, 1940 (TNEC)
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1879, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1882, 2ed, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1886, 4ed, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1891, 6ed, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1899, 9ed, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1903, 10ed, Oxford, Clarendon
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1906, 2ed Am,, NY, Banks, ed. Huffcutt
Anson, Eng. Law of Contracts, 1919, 3ed Am., NY, Banks, ed. Corbin
Archer, The Ethical Obligations of Lawyers, 1910
ASPCA, Laws relating to Cruelty to Animals, 1872
Atkinson, Solomon, Contracts of Sale, 1853
Atkinson, Stanley, Law in Medical General Practice, 1908
Atlay, 1897, Trial of Lord Cochrane
Atlay, 1911?, Trial of the Stauntons
Babcock, Rise of American Nationality 1811-1819 (1969)
Baldwin, The Young Man & the Law (vocational lit.), 1920
Balinae- James G. Blaine (Stanwood, 1908)
Ballantine, Preparation of Contracts & Conveyances, 1921
Bancroft, History of the United States, 10v., 1854
Bar, International Law, Private & Criminal, Tr. By Gillespie, 1883
Barlow, Laws, Ecclesiastical & Civil. Against Heretics, 1682
Barnett/McGabe, Law & Industrial Disputes, 1916
Bassett, 1906, The Federalist System, 1789-1801
Bates, Law of Limited Partnership, 1886
Battan, Law of Specific Performance, 1849
Bayly, The Legal Status of Doctors, 1900?
Beach, Chas. F., The Civil Law in America, 1912
Beach, Chas. Fisk, Monopolies & Industrial Trusts, 1898
Beadle, The American Lawyer, 1857
Beale, 1904, Law of Foreign Corporations
Beale, 1911, Municipal Corporation Cases
Beale/Wyman, Railroad Rate Regulation, 1915
Beard/Schultz, Initiative, Referendum & Recall, 1912
Beck, Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, 1835
Beck, Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, 1838
Beck, Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, 1850-51
Beck, Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, 1863
Bell, Medico-Legal Studies, 1889-98, 5v.
Bell, Principles of Argument, 1920
Benjamin, Principles of the Law of Contract, 1889
Bentham, Codification Proposal for All Nations, 1822
Bentham, Papers relative to Codification and Publication Instruction, 1817
Benton- Thomas Hart Benton, A Biography (T. Roosevelt, 1914?)
Benton, 30 Years' View; Hist. Am. Gov. 1820-50 (1856, 1968 repr.)
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1860, 3ed
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1866, 4ed
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1875, 6ed
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1875-76, 1Am
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1876, 1Am
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1883?, Am. from 7th Eng.
Best, Principles of the Law of Evidence, 1893, 8ed
Bigelow, The Law of Fraud, 1877
Bishop, The Law of Contracts, 1887
Bishop, The Law of Contracts, 1907
Black- Trial of for Killing of Col. McKaig, 1871
Black, H.C., 1916, Recission of Contracts
Black, H.C., 1917, Treatise on Federal taxes
Blair, Unwise (Tariff) Laws, 1886
Blair-R., Price Discrimination in Steel, 1941 (TNEC)
Blaisdell, Econ. Power & Political Pressures, 1941 (TNEC)
Blandy, Trial of Mary Blandy, 1914?
Bly, Treatise on Business Law, 1891
Blyth, Lectures on Sanitary Law, 1893
Bolles, 1911-16, Business Man's Legal Adviser, 6v.
Bolles, 1918, Business Man's Commercial Lib., 1918
Bolles, Financial History of the US, 3v.
Bonner, Penalties Upon Opinion, 1913
Boston Gas Light Co., Plaintiff, v. Wm. Gault, Trial, 1848
Boston Marine Insurance Co., Incorporation Act, 1799?
Bowen, Specific Performance, 1889
Boyde, Workmen's Compensation Law, 1913?
Bradner, Rules of Evidence, 1895
Bradner, Rules of Evidence, 1898, 2ed
Bradway, Law & Social Work, 1929?
Breckinridge, Legal Tender, 1903
Brentano, Relation of Labor to To-Day's Law, 1898
Bridgman, Passing of the tariff, 1909
Brittain, Discovery and exploration, 1903.
Brothers, 1914, Dental Jurisprudence
Brothers, 1914, Medical Jurisprudence
Brotherson, Executors & Administrators, 1829
Browne, I., Law & Lawyers in Literature, 1883
Browne, J.H., Insanity Jurisprudence, 1875
Bruce, Rise of the New South, 1905.
Bryan, Law of Petroleum & Natural gas, 1898
Bryant & Stratton, Commercial Law for Business Men, 1865
Bryce, The American Commonwealth, 3ed, 1895 (1909 pr.)
Bryce, University & Historical Addresses, 1913
Bulkley, Boxmaking Industry Rates, 1915
Burgess, J.W., 1897, (America), The Middle Period, 1817-58
Burgess, J.W., 1901, The Civil War & the Constitution, 1859-65
Burgess, J.W., 1902, Reconstruction & the Constitution, 1861-76
Burgess, J.W., 1915, Reconciling Government w. Liberty, 1844-1931
Burleigh, The American Manual, 1850
Burton, Corporations & the State, 1911
Burton, John Sherman, A Biography, 1906?
Butts, 1854, Business man's Assistant & Ready Reckoner
Butts, 1854, Landlord's & Tenant's Assistant
Butts, 1854, Merchant Shipper's Assistant
Butts, 1854, Trader's Guide
Calhoun- John C. Calhoun (von Holst, 1899)
Calhoun- Statute Unveiling Proceedings in Capitol, 1910
Calhoun- Works of John C. Calhoun (Cralle, 1853)
Cannon, Clearing Houses, 1910 (NMC)
Carter, 1889, Written & Unwritten Law
Carter, 1902, Elements of the Law of Contract
Casanova, Physiology & Medical Jurisprudence, 1865
Cass- Lewis Cass (McLaughlin, 1899).
Cass- Lewis Cass, A Biography (McLaughlin, 1919?)
Chamberline, Doctrine of Stare Decisis, 1885
Chambers/Tattersall, Laws Relating to Buildings, 1845
Channing, A., Guide to the study & reading of American history (1912)
Channing, E., A history of the United States (1905)
Channing, E., The Jeffersonian system, 1801-1811 ( 1906/1968)
Chapman, Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity & Toxicology, 1892
Chapman, Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity & Toxicology, 1898
Chapman, Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity & Toxicology, 1904
Chase- Salmon Portl& Chase (Hart, A.B., 1899)
Chicago Tribune Libel Suit, Judge's Opinion, 1921
Chicago Tribune Libel Suit, Press Commentary, 1921
Chinard, The Treaties of 1778 (FR/US) & allied docs., 1928
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1834, 2ed,
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1841, 3ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1851, 8 Am.ed.
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1853, 5ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1881, 11ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1890, 12ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1904, 14ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1909, 15ed
Chitty, Law of Contracts, 1921, 17ed
Chitty, Medical Jurisprudence, 1834
Chitty, Medical Jurisprudence, 1836, 2nd Am. Ed.
Christison, Poisons & Medical Jurisprudence, 1845
Clabaugh, Income & Profits Taxes, 1920
Claghorn, Immigrant's Day in Court, 1923
Clark & Clark, Control of Trusts, 1912
Clark, Labor Employment Law, 1911
Clay- Henry Clay (Schurz, 1915)
Clevenger, Medical Jurisprudence, 1898
Clute, Modern Municipal Charters, 1920, 2v
Cohen, Law, Business or Profession?
Commercial Law Forms, n.a., 1830
Commons/Andrews, Principles of Labor Legislation, 1920?
Comyn, Law of Contracts, 1807
Comyn, Law of Contracts, 1819
Comyn, Law of Contracts, 1831, 3rd Am. ed.
Conway/Patterson, The New Bank Act, 1914?
Conyngton, Business Law, 1918
Conyngton, Business Law, 1920
Cook, R., 1941, Control of Petrol. Indus. by Maj. Corps.-A (TNEC)
Cook, R., 1941, Control of Petrol. Indus. by Maj. Corps.-B (TNEC)
Cook, Trusts, The Recent Combinations in Trade, 1888
Cooke, The Law of Insurance, 1891
Cooley, 1876, Law of Taxation
Cooley, 1878, Constitutional Limitations, 4ed
Cooley, 1879, Treatise on Torts
Cooley, 1888, Law of Torts, 2ed
Cooley, 1889, Constitutional History of the U.S. (st. & fed.)
Cooley, 1895, The Elements of Torts
Cooley, 1898, Gen. Principles of Constitutional Law, 3ed, McLaughlin
Cooley, 1903, Constitutional Limitations, 7ed, Lane
Cooley, 1903, Treatise on Taxation, 3ed, Jacobs
Cooley, 1906, Cooley on Torts, 3ed, 2v
Cooley, 1907, Cooley on Torts, Student Ed., 1v
Coolidge, L.A., 1922?, Grant, Ulysses, A Biography
Coppens, Moral Principles & Medical Practice, 1897
Coppens, Moral Principles & Medical Practice, 3ed, n.d.
Coppens, Moral Principles & Medical Practice, 4ed, 1905,
Corey, Law Without Lawyers, 1885
Costigan, Legal Ethics, 1917
Council of St. Govs., State Court Systems, 1978
Cover, et al, Problems of Small Business, 1941 (TNEC)
Cox, Three Decades of Federal Legislation, 1855-85
Crafts, Why dry? Briefs for Prohibition, 1918?
Crane, Business Law, n.d.
Cream, Thomas Neill, Trial of, 1923
Crosby, Everybody's Lawyer, 1881?
Culbertson, Medical Men & the Law, 1913
Curtis Bros. Co. v. Barnard Trial Record, 1913, 7v.
Curtis, B.R., Bigelow's Patent Application Argument, 1860
Curtis, T.C., 1854, Jurisdiction of Cts.
Curtis, T.C., 1873, Law of Patents, 4ed
Cushing, Voting Trusts, 1916
Dabney, Public regulation of Railways, 1889
Dahlberg, et al, Recovery Plans, 1940 (TNEC)
Davenport-G, Families & their Life Insurance, 1940 (TNEC)
Davis, Origin of National Banking System, 1910 (NMC)
Dealey, American State Constitutions, 1915?
Devlin, Municipal Reform in the United States, 1896
Dewey, Contracts for Future Delivery
Dewey-C., State Banking Before the Civil War, 1910 (NMC)
Dimock-H., Bureaucracy & Large Corps., 1940 (TNEC)
Douglas, Social Security, 1936.
Draper, Text-book on Legal Medicine, 1910
Duckworth, Principles of Marine Law, 1916?
Dunn, 1912/13, Pure Food & Drug Legal Manua
Dunn, 1923, Fed. Trade Com. Act, Critique of Sec. 5
Dunning, 1902, History of Ancient Political Theories
Dunning, 1907, Reconstruction, Polit. & Econ., 1865-77
Dunning, 1914, British Empire & the United States Relations
Dunning, 1928, Political theories from Luther to Montesquieu
Dwight, Medial Jurisprudence, (1903)
Edmunds/Bentwich, Copyright in Designs, 1908
Egert, The Conflict Between the United States & Russia, 1912
Elliot, J., Debates on the Federal Constitution (1901)
Elliott, G., Newspapers & Libel, 1881
Elwell, 1860, Medico-Legal Treatise on Malprac., Evid., no ed. note
Elwell, 1871, Medico-Legal Treatise on Malprac., Evid. & Insanity, 3ed
Elwell, 1881, Medico-Legal Treatise on Malprac., Evid. & Insanity, 4ed
Emerson, Legal Medicine & Toxicology, 1909
Evans, 1888, Law of Principal & Agent, 2ed., Am. ed.
Ewell, Medical Jurisprudence, 1887
Ewell, Medical Jurisprudence, 1909
Fanshawe, Liquor Legislation in the U.S. & Canada
Federalist, The (1901 ed.)
Ferguson, Railway Cases, 1897-1912 & Railway Statutes, 1898-1912
Field, Medico-Legal Guide, 1887
Fiske, 1885, American Political Ideas
Fiske, 1888, Critical Period of American History, 1783-1789
Fiske, 1889, War of Independence
Fiske, 1892, Discovery of America
Fiske, 1894, The American Revolution
Fiske, 1904, How the United States Became a Nation
Flexner/B., Juvenile Courts & probation, 1916
Fonblanque, Treatise on Equity, 1807
Foote/Everett, Law of Incorporated Companies, 1892
Fortier, Central America and Mexico, 1907
Frankfurter, 1916, Case for a Shorter Work Day
Frankfurter, 1916?, Oregon Minimum Wage Cases
Franklin- Benjamin Franklin as a man of letters (McMaster, 1887)
Franklin- Benjamin Franklin, A Biography (Morse. J.T., 1917?)
Franklin- The many-sided Franklin (Ford, H.J., 1899)
Freeman, Legal Ethics, 1912?
Frémont, Life, Explorations and Public Services of John Charles Fremont, 1856.
Freund, Administrative Law Cases, 1911
Frost, Organization of Corporations, 1908
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1858, 1st Eng. Ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1871, 2nd Am. ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1881, 2nd Eng. Ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1884, 3ed Am. ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1892, 3rd Eng. Ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1903, 4th Eng. Ed.
Fry, Specific Performance of Contracts, 1911, 5th Eng. Ed.
Fuller, Child labor & the Constitution, 1923?
Gallatin- Albert Gallatin, A Biography (Stevens, J.S., 1911?)
Game Laws in the Northwestern States, 1902
Garfield, Life of James Abram Garfield, 1881.
Garrett, Civil War from a Southern Standpoint, 1905.
Gaskell, Compendium of Forms (& Parliamentary Procedure), 1880
Geer, Louisiana Purchase and the Westward Movement, 1904
Gerstenberg/Hughes, Commercial Law, (1916)
Gesell-H, Legal Reserve Life Insur. Corps., 1940 (TNEC)
Gilbert, Law of Evidence, 1760, 2ed
Gilbert, Law of Evidence, 1777, 4ed
Gilbert, Law of Evidence, 1791-96, no ed. claim
Glaister, Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology, 1910, 2ed
Glaister, Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology, 1921, 4ed
Glen, Law of Public Health, 1899
Glueck, Studies in Forensic Psychiatry, 1916
Godefroi, 1891, Law of Trusts, 2ed
Godefroi, 1907, Law of Trusts, 3ed
Goldsmith, et al, Ownership in Largest Non-f. Corps, 1940 (TNEC)
Goodnow, United States Administrative Law, 1905
Goodrich, H.H., Legal & Business Forms, 1900
Goodrich, S.G., Young American's Book of Law, 1845
Goodyear, Patent Case, Argument on Appeal. 1860
Gordon, Saul, Annotated Froms of Agmt., 1923
Gould/Blakemore, Bankruptcy Act of 1898, Annot., 1904
Graft, Graft's Legal Directory, 1876-
Granby, Shareholding in 1,710 Corps., 1941 (TNEC)
Grant, Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, 2v., 1885.
Greeley, Food & Drugs Act of 1906, 1907
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1866, 12ed, only v.1 p., Redfield
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1844, 2ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1845-46, 3ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1848, 4ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1850-59, 5ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1852, 6ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1854, 7ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1856, 8ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1858-63, 9ed, 3v
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1863, 11ed, only v.1
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1876, 13ed, 3v, May
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1886, 14ed, 3v, Croswell
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1892, 15ed, 3v, Croswell
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1896, 3v, Lewis
Greenleaf, Law of Evidence, 1899, 16ed, 3v, Wigmore
Gresley, Law of Evidence in Equity, 1836, London
Gresley, Law of Evidence in Equity, 1848a, 2nd ed., Harrisburg, PA
Gresley, Law of Evidence in Equity, 1848b, 2nd Am. ed., Phil., PA
Hageman, Privileged Communications...Evidence, 1889
Haig, 1915, Taxation of Improvements
Haig, 1921, Federal Income Tax
Hall/Pickering, Law of Food Condemnation, 1906
Halle, von, Trusts, Industrial Combinations, etc. in U.S., 1900
Ham, Handbook of Sanitary Law, 1920
Hamilton & Madison, Letters of Pacificus & Helvidius (1845, 1976 repr.)
Hamilton- Alexander Hamilton, A Biography (Lodge, H.C., 1910?)
Hamilton- Works of Alexander Hamilton (Lodge, 1904, 12v)
Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton, an Essay, 1906
Hamilton, Allan M., Medical Jurisprudence, 1883
Hamilton, Allan M., Medical Jurisprudence, 1890
Hamilton, Allan M./Godkin, System of Legal Medicine, 1894, 2v
Hamilton, Allan M./Godkin, System of Legal Medicine, 1900, 2ed, 2v
Hamilton, Colonization of the South, 1904.
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