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1890, Mackenzie, British East Africa
1890, Surridge, Matabeleland and Mashonaland.
1895, Lugard, Extension of Br. Influence & Trade in Africa
1896, Johnston, England’s Work in Central Africa
1897-1921, Law Reports (East Africa Protectorate).
1901, Johnson, Rhodesia, Its Past & Present
1904, Lady Lugard, West Africa Negroland
1904, Wason, East Africa & Uganda Protectorates
1906, Decle, Development of our British African Empire
1908, Our East African Empire, Colquhoun
1930-1960, West Africa Court of Appeals, Jdgmts.
1934-1955, Eastern Africa Court of Appeal Reports
1939, So. Africa & Botswana/Bech./Swaz., Hist. of Rela.
1942, British Empire in Africa, Bibliography, Conover
1944, W.Af. Cocoa Control in West Africa
1946, Trusteeship Terrs. In Africa under Br. Mandate (HMSO)
1948-1961, East Africa High Commission Acts
1950, Br. Terrs. In East & Central Africa, 1945-50 (HMSO)
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Closer Association, U.K. Goals
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Developing R.R. Agmt. w. UK/US
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Draft Fed. Scheme, Civil Serv. Com.
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Draft Fed. Scheme, Fiscal Com.
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Geo., Hist. & Econ. Survey
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Rpt. of Conf. on Closer Assn.
1951, Cent. Af. Terrs., Survey of Native Policy
1951, Laws of the High Commission, East Africa in Force Dec. 31, 1951
1954, Eastern African Court of Appeals Rules
1954, Fed. Rho./Ny., Exten. of R.R. Agmt. w. UK/US
1954, Fed. Rho./Ny., Mozambique Border Agmt. (A)
1955, Fed. Rho./Ny., Mozambique Border Agmt. (B)
1956, E. Af. Com. Rpt., Govs.' & Cross Comments
1956, E. Af. Com. Rpt., Govs.' Comments
1957, Br. East Af. Troops, Transfer to Local Control
1957, Fed. Rhodesia/Nyasaland Constitution Amendment Bill
1958, Building an East African Navy
1958, Fed. Rhodesia/Nyasaland Electoral Bill
1958, Fed. Rhodesia/Nyasaland U.K. Gift of Stores & Equipment
1959, Af. Terrs./U.K./Denmark Double Taxation Treaty
1961, E. Af. Terrs., Report of the Fiscal Commission
1962, Fed. Rhodesia/Nyasaland, Mozambique Border Agmt. (C)
1963, Fed. Rho./Ny.,Conference on Dissolution
1963, Fed. Rho./Ny.,Mozambique Border Agmt. (D)
1963, Fed. Rhodesia/Nyasaland, Nyasaland Exits Federation
1964, E.Af. Public Officers Agmt.
1964, Fed. Rho./Ny.,Public Officers Agmt.
1971, E.Af. Public Officers Agmt.
1978, E.Af. Public Officer Pensions Agmt.
Africa 1963, Africa South of Sahara, Bibliography, Conover
U.S. Atty.Gen. Opinion, British Recruitment in the United States, 1856
1655, Journal of English Army in West Indies
1690, West Indian Colonies, History, Dalby
1690-1705, Laws of Leeward Islands
1690-1730, Laws of Leeward Islands
1742, Remarks on several acts of Parliament relating to the colonies abroad….
1807?, Causes of Depreciation of West India Property, 2ed, Bosanquet
1817, Observations on the Ameliorated Condition of the Negroes in British West India Colonies
1827, Judicial Commission of Inquiry, Antigua, etc.
1827, Judicial Commission of Inquiry, Trinidad
1842, Address delivered on the anniversary of Emancipation in the British West Indies, Channing
1871-, Session Laws of the Leeward Is.
1871-1954, Leeward Is., Colonial Office Annual Rpts.
1939, West India Royal Com. Recommendations
1940, West India Royal Com., Statement of Policy
1945, West India Royal Com. Report
1946, Agmt. Establishing Caribbean Commission
1952, Caribbean & No. Atlan. Dependencies, 1939-52 (HMSO)
1953, Conference on West Indian Federation, Rpt.
1953, Plan for British Caribbean Federation
1955, Br. Caribbean Federation, Civil Service Rpt.
1956, Br. Caribbean Federation, Con-Con. Rpt.
1958, West Indies Laws in Force
1959, Leew. Is./Windward Fed ., ConCon. Rpt.
1960, Agmt. Establishing Caribbean Organization
1961, Leew. Islands/Windward Federation, ConCon. Rpt.
1961, West Indies Federation, ConCon. Rpt.
1961, Windward Is. Federation, FWI/US Treaty
1962, East Caribbean Federation, Conf. Rpt.
1963, East Caribbean Federation, Civil Service Rpt., 2v
1963, East Caribbean Federation, Fiscal Com. Rpt.
1965, Windward Is. Associated Sts., UK Constit. Proposals
1966, Windward Is. Associated Sts., Con.Con. Rept.
1978, UK/US, Mut. Defense Areas on Turks & Caicos
1989, Commonealth Regulations Study, Meditz
1767, Short view on the laws with respect to the powers of the East India Company
1808-1890, Straits Settlement Law Rpts.
1829, Principles and policy of the government of British India
1834, Letter to the President of the India Board on the new plan of qualifying candidates for the East-India Civil Service
1887, Consular Jurisdiction in the East, Tarring
1893-1922, Straits Settlements Law Rpts.
1926, Straits Settlements Compiled Laws
1926-1942, Straits Settlements Law Rpts.
1946, Malayan U./Singapore, C6724 (HMSO)
1946, Malayan U./Singapore, C6949 (HMSO)
1949, Br. Far Eastern Dependencies, 1945-49
n.d., East India Trade, It’s Effect on Rest of Br. Economy
The India Question, 1813
1828, Miller, Administration of Justice in the British Colonies in the East-Indies
1943, Labour Cond. in Ceylon, Mauritius & Malaya, Browne
1982, Area Studies, Bunge
1994, Lib. Cong., Fed. Research Div., Metz
1783, Ellis, Authentic Narrative of a Voyage Performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, 2v.,
1886, Froude, Oceana or England and her Colonies,
1889, Westgarth, “Australasian Public Finance”.
1892, Declaration of Protectorate over Gilbert Islands
1902, Mastery of the Pacific, Colquhoun
1902, State Experiments in Aust. & NZ (1923 repr.)
1908, Correspondence on Administration of Gilbert & Ellice Islands Protectorate.
1943, Islands of the Pacific, Bibliography, Conover
1944, UK/NZ/Aust. Common Interests Agmt.
1949, Revision of salaries and terms of service
1951, So. Pac. Comm., Charter w. 1951 amend.
1952, Gilbert & Ellice Is., Laws in Force
1965, So. Pac. Com., Amend., in force, 11/65
1965, So. Pac. Com., Amend., not in force, 2/65
1967, Socio-Economic Survey, Gilbert & Ellice Islands Colony.
1973, Gilbert & Ellice Is., Laws in Force
1973, UN Working Paper on Independence for Various Br. Pacific Territories
1974, Report on Working Paper on Independence for Gilbert & Elilice Isl., Pitcairn & Solomon Isl.
Pacific Islands, Geographical Handbook Series
1920, Arabia, A Handbook (HMSO)
1920, Persian Gulf, Foreign Ofice Handbook (HMSO)
1953-72, Gazette/Supps., Table of Contents
1953-72, Persian Gulf Gazette
1953-72, Persian Gulf Gazette, Supplements, 1953-58
1971, Arabian Peninsula, Area Study
1993, Persian Gulf States (Metz)
American Colonies pre-1776, Doyle
Bankruptcy Law in the British Empire, 1932
British & Foreign State Papers, 1812/14-1967/68, 170v
British Islands in the So. Hemisphere, 1945-51, Col. Off., 1951
Clode, 1874, Justice under Military & Martial Law, 1874
Colombo Plan, 1950, Original Plan for Org.
Colonial Aids to Br. Prosperity, MacDonnell, 1874
Colonial Companies, British 19th Century, de Wiart, 1899
Colonial Companies, South Sea Company Charter, 1711
Colonial Constitutions, 1856, Mills
Colonial Development Corp., Rpt. on Financial Structure, 1959
Colonial Empire Decisional Processes, 1924-28, Col. Off., 1929
Colonial Empire in 1937-38, Col. Off., 1938
Colonial Empire, Acton, 1881
Colonial Law, Summary of, Clark, 1834, Clark
Colonial Laws & Foreign Laws, Commentaries on, Burge, 1838
Colonial Laws & Foreign Laws, Commentaries on, Burge, 1907-
Colonial Laws, as Examined, Member Hse. of Commons, 1837
Colonial Laws, Imperial Stats. Applic. to Colonies, Piggott, 1903
Colonial Laws, Law re. the Colonies, Tarring, 1882
Colonial Laws, Law re. the Colonies, Tarring, 1893
Colonial Laws, Law re. the Colonies, Tarring, 1913, 4ed
Colonial Laws, Laws of the Br. Colonies, Howard, 1827
Colonial Laws, Laws of the Br. Plantations, Trott, 1721
Colonial Laws, Laws of US/Can./BWI, 1790 (HMSO)
Colonial Laws, Legislation in Colonies, Survey 1898-1907 (HMSO)
Colonial Laws, Plantation Laws, Abridgment, 1704
Colonial Nationalism, Studies in, Jebb, 1905
Colonial Office List (HMSO)
Colonial Policy in the 20th Century, Egerton, 1922
Colonial Policy in Wartime, 1941
Colonial Policy of European Powers, Broughham, 1803, 2v
Colonial Policy, 1696-1765, Egerton, 1897
Colonial Policy, 1754-65, Beer, 1907
Colonial Policy, Our Future, Colquhoun, 1901
Colonial Records in the Public Records Office, 1995
Colonial Regulations, 2 pts., 1956 & 1951 (reprints)
Colonial Territories, Col. Off., 1950
Colonies, Essay on, Adam Smith, 1901 ed.
Colonizing Activities of the English Puritans, Newton, 1914
Commerce, History of British Commerce, Levi, 1870
Commonwealth of Nations, Hall, 1920
Commonwealth, 1950, Cmwh. Ag. Bureau Rev. Conf.
Commonwealth, 1951-, Cmwh. Relations Office List
Commonwealth, 1961, Cmwh. Constitutional Development
Commonwealth, 1961, Cmwh. Consultations on U.K. & E.U.
Commonwealth, 1961, Cmwh. Legal Systems
Commonwealth, 1965, Prime Min. Mtg., Agmt. on Cmwh. Foundation
Commonwealth, 1965, Prime Min. Mtg., Agmt. on Cmwh. Secretariat
Commonwealth, 1965, Prime Min. Mtg., Final Communique
Constitution, Administration, & Laws of the Empire, Keith, 1924
Constitutional Law of the British Dominions, Keith, 1933
Constitutional Law, (in colonies) Forsyth, 1869
Constitutional Liberty in Am. English Colonies, Scott, 1882
Constitutions of Br. Colonies, Stokes, 1783
Constitutions, Colonial, Foreign Office, 1938
Des Voeux, My colonial service, 1903
Federation of the British Empire, Bowen, 1886
Federation, British Federalism, Its Rise & Progress, 1893
Federation, Imperial Federation, de Labilliere1886
Goverannce, Colonial Boards, Bd. of Trade Jrnls., 1704-1782
Goverannce, Development of Imperial System, Robinson, 1922
Goverannce, Dominion Autonomy in Practice, Keith, 1929
Goverannce, Federal Systems Compared, U.S./Br. Emp., Poley, 1913
Goverannce, Federations & Unions in the Empire, Egerton, 1911
Governance Systems, Analysis of, 1912
Governance, “On the Colonial Question”, Westgarth, 1870.
Governance, Black Book (critique of var. imperial institutions), 1831
Governance, Broad Stone of Empire, Bruce, 1910
Governance, Colonial Administration (Bell)
Governance, Colonial Boards, 1622-75, Andrews
Governance, Colonial Gov. in Americas, 1696-1765, Dickerson,
Governance, Government of British Empire, Jenks, 1920, 2ed
Governance, Government of Colonies, Lewis, 1901
Governance, Government of Dependencies, Lewis, 1841
Governance, Government of Dependencies, Lewis, 1891 ed.
Governance, Government of England, Hearn, 1886 (covers colonies)
Governance, Governments of the British Empire, Keith, 1935
Governance, Letter from Sydney, Wakefield, 1829
Governance, Parliamentary Gov., Br. Colonies, 1880, Todd
Governance, Parliamentary Gov., Br. Colonies, 1894, Todd
Governance, Political Development in U.K. Dependencies
Governance, Principle of Official Independence, Dawson, 1922
Governance, Protectorat International, Gairal de Serezin, 1896
Governance, Protectorats, 1896, Despagnet
Governance, Provincial Governor, Greene, 1898
Governance, Rela. of Colonies to Mother Country, Westgarth, 1869
Governance, Responsible Gov. in Dominions, Keith, 1928, 2ed
Governance, Self-Government in Br. Terrs., Road to,1955
Governance, Self-Government in Br. Terrs., Towards, 1950
Governance, Senates & Upper Chambers (in colonies), Temperley, 1910
Governance, Trading Companies, Charters, 1530-1707, Carr
Governance, Union, Framework of, Long
Governance, Unity, Imperial & the Dominions, 1916, Keith
History & Jurisprudence, Bryce, 1901
History of British Empire, Bulkeley, 1921
Islam, Mohammedan History, 1920 (HMSO)
Islam, Water Laws, Moslem Countries, 1954, Caponera
Jenks, 1937, Governance, Government of British Empire, 5ed.
Judicial, Admiralty Jurisdiction in the 17C., Crump, 1931
Judicial, Colonial Law & Courts, Burge, 1907, Burge
Judicial, Exterritorialite, Vercamer, 1891
Judicial, Exterritoriality, Consuls, Piggott, 1907, 2ed
Judicial, Exterritoriality, Heyking, 1926 ed
Judicial, Foreign Judgments & Jurisdictions, Piggott, 1910
Judicial, Foreign Judgments, Recognition, UK Law & Prac., Piggott, 1884
Judicial, Privy Coun. Acts, Colonial Ser., Grant/Munro, 1908-12
Judicial, Privy Coun. Law/Synopsis of Apps., Wheeler, 1893
Judicial, Privy Coun.Practice, 1901,Safford/Wheeler
Judicial, Privy Council Appeals, a Manual, Preston, 1900
Judicial, Rule/Jurisdiction Beyond Seas, Jenkyns, 1902
Judicial, Sovereignty & Judicial Autonomy, 1931, Hughes
Land & Tenure in various Countries, Probyn, 1876
Land Transfer Systems in the Colonies, Wood, 1886
Land, Registration of Title to Land, Hogg, 1920
Libel, 1738, Remarks on the Trial of John-Peter Zenger
Medical, Fevers of Jamaica, etc., Jackson, 1795
Military Defense Forces of the Colonies, Owen, 1889.
Military Forces of Great Britain, Duin, 182
Military, Imperial and Colonial Respopnsibilities in War, 1877
Mining Laws of the Empire, 1920-23 (HMSO)
Mining Laws, Alford, 1906
Nationality/Citizenship Laws, 1967 (HMSO)
Overseas Development, The Work in Hand, 1967
Oxford Survey of the British Empire
Patents, Oriental Patents and Trade-Marks, 1923
Probyn, The Money of the British Empire, 1890
Reinsch, Colonial Government, 1908
Responsible Gov. in Dominions, Keith, 1909, 1ed
Responsible Gov. in Dominions, Keith, 1912, Rev. Ed.
Royal Colonial Institute Proceedings, 1869-1909
Slavery, 1789?, Abolition, Works by Society des Amis des Noirs
Barclay, The emancipation of the slaves of Unity Valley Pen, Jamaica, 1801
Slavery, 1804, Statement of Question on Abolition of the Slave Trade, Anon.
Slavery, 1807, Rpt.of the Com. for the African Institution
Slavery, 1815, Reasons for establishing a registry of slaves in the British colonies, Stephen
Slavery, 1816, Antidote to West Indian Sketches: No.IV, Calumnies of the African Institution, Leith & Pinckard
Slavery, 1816, Brief Remarks on Slave Registry Bill, Anon.
Slavery, 1816, Defence of the Bill for the Registration of Slaves, Stephen
Slavery, 1816, Letter to Parl. on proposed Slave Registry Bill, Anon.
Slavery, 1816, Protest Against Parl. Interference in Colonies, Anon.
Slavery, 1816, Remarks on the insurrection in Barbadoes & the Bill for Registration of Slaves
Slavery, 1816?, Reasons for Registry of Slaves from African Institution, Anon
Slavery, 1821, Rept. of a Special Parl. Com. on Slave Trade
Slavery, 1823, Appeal on Behalf of Slaves in West Indies, Wilberforce
Slavery, 1823, Equal duties, East & West India Sugar,
Slavery, 1823, Improving the condition of the slaves in the British colonies
Slavery, 1823, Negro Slavery in the U.S.A & Br. W. Indies
Slavery, 1824-30, Slavery in the W. Indies, Stephen
Slavery, 1838a, Brougham, Speech in Parl. on the Slave Trade
Slavery, 1838b, Brougham, Speech in Parl., Emancipation for Apprentice Slaves
Slavery, 1838c, Brougham, Speech in Parl. on the Slave Trade
Slavery, 1840, Jeremie, Negro Emancipation and African Civilization
Slavery, 1840, Past & present efforts for the extinction of the African slave trade, Greg
Slavery, 1850, Evidence before Select Committees on Slave Trade
Trade, Defense & Trade in the Empire, Kirkpatrick, 1915
Trade, Inter-British Trade & Unity of the Empire, Vincent, 1891
Treaties, 1648-1783, De Brett Collection, 3v.
Treaties, 1925, Commercial Treaties Handbook (HMSO)
Treaties, 1931, Commercial Treaties Handbook (HMSO)
Treaties, 1942, U.K./French Equatorial Africa, Commercial & Econ.
Banister, T., Our Military System at Home and Abroad
Adderley, Relations of England with its Colonies, New Ed., 1862
Anon., 1765, The Colonies, Regulations and Taxes Considered
Anon., 1805, The Horrors of Negro Slavery
Anstey, Colonial Legislatures, Powers Relative to Common Law, 1869
Bannister, 1870A, Writ of Mandamus to Stay Colonial Wrongs
Bannister, S., 1870b, Humane Policy in the Colonies & India
Bate, Br. Emigration to the Br. Colonies, 1862
Cave, Encouragement to Slavery/Slave Trade by 1846 Sugar Bill, 1849
Coke, History of the West Indies, 1808-11, 3v, repr. 1969
Cook, Voyages One, 1772-75, London, Strahan, 1777, 2v
Cook/King, Voyages Two, 1776-80, London, Strahan, 1784-85, 3v
Grenville, Speech on the motion for the production of papers on Indian Affairs, 1813
Grey, Romance of a Pro-Consul (memoirs), 1899.
Hargrave, Argument in Sommersett’s Case, 1775, 2ed
Johnes, Legislation to be Applied to Infant Colonies, 1838
Macfie, Colonial Questions Needing Immediate Solution, 1871
Marryat, Thoughts on West Indies, Slavery & Speech of J. Stephen, 1818
Mullalla, Compilation on the Slave Trade, 1792
Stephen, New Reasons for Abolishing the Slave Trade, 1807
Stock, History of the Church Missionary Society 4v., 1899.
Treaties, 1942, U.K./French Equatorial Africa, Commercial & Econ.
1699, Roman Rota, Selected Decisions
1826-27,Pope Benedicti XIV, Bullarii
1835-57, Bullarii Romani, 19v.
1853-85, Analecta Juris Pontificii
1865-1908, Acta Sanctae Sedis, 41v.
1870-1890, Acta et Decreta, Recent Councils
1895-1911, Analecta Ecclesiastica
1909-, Acta Apostolicae Sedis, V.1-15
Trent, Diaries, acts, etc., 1901-
Trent, History of the Council, Klitsche, 1835-36
Trent, History of the Council, Migne, 1844-45
Trent, History of the Council, Pallavicino, 1792-96
Vatican I, Acta et Decreta, Rome, 1872
Bouix, Provincial Councils, 1850
Bouix, Provincial Councils, 1884, 3ed
Cecconi, Storia de Concilio, 1872-78
Hefele, Conciliegeschichte, 1873-90, 9v
Hefele, Histoire des conciles, 1894-96, 5v
Hefele, Histoire des conciles, 1907-52, 8v
Mansi et al, Sacrorum Conciliorum, New ed., 1759-1927
Provincial Councils, 1849, Ceremonial du Concile
1699, Roman Rota, Selected Decisions
1769-1823, The bulls of Popes Clement XIV and Pius VII for the suppression and re-establishment of the Order of Jesuits, 1814
Ayrinhac, Marriage & the New Code of Canon Law, 1918?
Bachofen, Commentary on Canon Law, 1918-22
Ballerini, de potestate ecclesias., 1850
Ferreira-Ibarra, Canon Law Col. of Lib. of Cong., 1981
Lewis/Short's New Latin Dictionary
Trudel, Dictionary of canon law, 1919
Barlow, Laws, Ecclesiastical & Civil. Against Heretics, 1682
Ballerini, de potestate ecclesiastica summorum pontificum, 1857
Baronio, Annales ecclesiastici (1880 )
Bernard of Pavia, Summa Decretalium, 1956
Boehmeri, Corpus juris canonici, 1839
Bouix, de Capitulis, 1882, 3ed
Bouix, de Curia Romana, 1880
Bouix, de Episcopo, 1873
Bouix, de Judiciis Ecclesiasticis, 1883-84
Bouix, de Jure Liturgico, 1886
Bouix, de Jure Regularium, 1867
Bouix, de Papa, V.1-3, 1867-70
Bouix, de Parocho, 1880
Bouix, de Principiis Juris Canonci, 1882
Brunel, Remarks on Trial of Bishop of Natal, 1868
Cappello, de Censuris iuxta Codicem, 1919
Cappello, de Curia Romana, 1911-12
Cappello, Summa Juris Publici, 1943
Chokier, Regulas Canceleria Apostolica, 1621
Chokier, Scholia in primarias, 1621
Corpus Juris Canonici, 1876-81 (Lipsiae, 2ed)
Decretum Gratiani, 1855 ed.
Didascalia et Constitutiones Apostolorum, 1905
Diocese of Santiago de Cuba (Cuba). Diocesan Synod (1680). Statutes relating to Florida.
Esmein, Le marriage en droit canon., 1891
Ferraris, Bibliotheca Canonica, 1858
Ferraris, Bibliotheca Canonica, 1863-65, 8v.
Gasparri, de Matrimonio, 1932 ed.
Grimaldi, Les congregations romaines, 1890
Hericourt, Les loix ecclesiastiques dans leur ordre naturel, 1721.
Hilgers, Der Index der verbotenen Bucher, 1904
Hilgers, Die Buchereverbote in Papstbriefen, 1907
Hilling, Procedure at the Roman Curia, 1909
Horner, Statutes of the Apostles, 1905
Ivo, Bishop of Chartres, Opera Omnia, 1854-55
Krehbiel, Interdict its history and its operation, 1909
Malleus Maleficarum, 1494
Oldradus, Concilia Oldradi, 1499, Solon
Oldradus, Concilia, 1499
Phillips, Du droit ecclesiastique, 1855
Pope Aexander III, Die Sentenzen Rolands, 1891
Reiffenstuel, Jus Canonicum Univ., V.1-7, 1864-70
Schmalzgrueber, Jus Ecclesiasticum, 1845
Suarez, Opera Omnia, 1856-
Taparelli, de Droit Naturel, 1875
Tapparelli, di Dritto Naturale, 1850
Tapparelli, Institutiones Juris Naturalae, 1890
1920, Austria & Germany Peace Treaty, Hofmannsthal
A.A.L.S., Continental Law, 19th Cent., 1918
A.A.L.S., Survey Continental Legal History, 1912
Abbott, Patent Laws of all nations, 2v., 1886
Allen. Evolution of Government & Laws, 1922
Am.For.Law Assn., 1926, Bibliogs. of For. Law Series, Proofs
American Republics' Patent Laws, 1904
Anthoine de St. J., Concordance: Code Nap./other codes, 1840
Balbo, Constitutions Republicaines du Globe, 1848
Bishop, Leg. Lit. of Cuba, Dom. Rep., & Haiti, 1944
Boucher, Consulat de la Mer,, 1808, 2 vols.
Burgess, Political Science & Comp. Con. Law, 1890-91, 2v.
Burgess, Political science & comparative constitutional law (1893)
Carranza, 1900-01, Digesto Constitucional Americano, 2 vols.
Carranza, 1910, Digesto Constitucional Americano, 2 vols.
Chandler, The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer's View, 1908
Childs, Central American & Antilles Memorias (bibliography), 1932
Cossa, Taxation, Principles & Methods, It., Eng. Trans., 1893
Cossa, Taxation, Principles & Methods, It., Eng. Trans., 1896
Dew, Digest of Ancient & Modern law, 1853
Domeratsky, et al, Econ. Reg. in Foreign Countries, 1941
Ely, Mining & Oil Laws of the World, 1961
Fuentes, Coleccion de causas celebres contemporaneas, 1861
Goodnow, Comparative Administrative Law, 1903
Greeley, Foreign Patent & Trademark Law, 1899
Johns, Babylonian & Assyrian Laws, 1904
Johns, Oldest Code of Laws (Hammurabi)
Kelsey, U.S. Intervention in Haiti & Dominican Republic, 1921
Kocourek/W., Formative Influ. in Law Devel., 1918
L.C., Courts Martial Law of Various Countries, 1944
L.C., Gun Control Laws in Foreign Countries, 1981
Lieber, Civil Liberty & Self-Government, 3ed, 1874
Mendelsohn, Comparative Criminal Law, 1891
Muller, Syrisch/Romische Rechtsbuch & H., 1905
Newton, Federal & Unified Constitutions, 1923
Obregon, T. Esquivel, Latin-Am. Commer. Law, 1921
Pan-Am. U., Mining & Petroleum Legislation in Latin Am., 1958-60
Patent & T.M. Laws, Spanish-Am. Republics + Brazil & Haiti
Postal Savings Systems in Leading Countries, 1910 (NMC, Anon.)
Projet (for intl. codes of obligations & contracts), Fr. & It., 1928
Rodriguez, American Constitutions, 1906 (Pan A,. Union)
Sanchez, Code of Private International Law, 1925
Sigel, Lectures on Slavonic Law, 1902
Studnitz, Gold, Legal Regulations for Gold & Silverwares, 1877
Sullivan, Direct Legislation...Initiative & Referendum, 1893
Swift, System of Laws of Connecticut, 1795
U.S. Army JAG Sch., 1960, Comparative Law Text
U.S. Caribbean, Guide to Doing Business in, 1995
U.S. Cong, Hse. 1984, Caribbean Refugees, Assimilation
U.S. Cong, Hse. 1991, Haitian Workers in Dominican Rep.
U.S. Cong, Hse., 1980, Caribbean Migration
U.S. Cong, Hse., 1982, Detention of Caribbean Refugees
U.S. Cong, Hse., 1991, Cuban & Haitian Immigration
U.S. Cong, Hse., 1991, Transition to Democracy in Caribbean
U.S. Cong, Hse., 1999, Update on Caribbean Regional issues
U.S. Cong, Hse., 2005, Hemisp. Econ. Aid & Haiti Reconstruction
U.S. Cong, Hse., 2006, W. Hemisp. Econ. Aid & Haiti Reconstruction
U.S. Cong, Sen., 1962, Mansfield Report on Latin America
U.S. Cong, Sen., 1980, Caribbean Refugee Crises
U.S. Cong, Sen., 2000, Slavery Throughout the World, Hearing
U.S. Off. Int-Am. Afs., 1945, Basic Data on Other Am. Republics
U.S. Pres, 1999, Message on Central American & Haiti Parity Act
U.S. Pres, 2004, Message on U.S. Efforts in Global War on Terror
U.S. St. Dept., 2000, FocU.S. on the Americas, Sec. St. M. Albright
von Bar, Ludwig, Continental Criminal Law, 1916
Walton, Commercial Laws of Latin America, 1907
Warburg, The Discount System in Europe, 1910 (NMC)
Assabghy & Bey, Les questions de nationalité en Égypte, 1926
Wekerle, Guide to the text of the criminal law and criminal procedure codes of Cameroon and Togo, 1975
Welwod, Abridgement of all Sea Laws, 1613
1898, Wetboek van strafrecht voor de Europeanen in Nederlandsch-Indië
1950-1961, Rapport inzake Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea, 1951-1961, 7v.
Netherlands, Report on Netherlands New Guinea for the year …., 1951—1961.
Martin, Protesting Drafts in Japan, Dutch East Indies, Samoa, & Tahiti, 1925
Bijzondere bepalingen ter verzekering der regelmatige werking van de nieuwe wetgeving in de bezittingen buiten Jave en Madura
Cordes, Privaatrechterlijke toestand der vreemde oosterlingen op Jave en Madoera, 1887
Leeuw, Het Painansch contract, 1926
1862, Notes on debate on habeas corpus, etc. (MS)
1861, Ordnance Dept., Regulations for the use of troops in the field
186? Prayers for the use of the soldiers of the Army of the CSA
1862, Experience of a Confederate States prisoner
1766-1771, Acts passed at various sessions (MS)
1821, Six ordinances issued by Major General Andrew Jackson
1862, Army of Pensacola circular
East-Florida gazette, 1783-
Pensacola gazette, 1824-
Anon, Case of the inhabitants of East-Florida, 1784
Apalachicola Land Co. Articles of agreement and association, 1835
Coppinger, Havitantes de la Florida Oriental, 1821
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