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One of the main aspects of this website is to inform users of LLMC as well as our preservation holdings which are displayed on the title information page. There are several ways a user can get to the title information page for the title(s) they wish to view.

1)    Browse through all the titles by category
Go to “View All Holdings” under “Search Holdings.” A list of categories will be listed. Clicking on a category will bring up a subcategory or titles within that category. Continue selecting subcategories until you find the title you want

2)      Search by title name
Go to “Search for Titles” under “Search Holdings.” Here you type in a word or phrase you know or think is in the title name. Click on the “Search Titles” button and titles with the word(s) you entered will be listed. Click on the title you wish to view.

3)      Search by description
Go to “Search Descriptions” under “Search Holdings.” Here you type in a word or phrase you know or think is in the title description. Click on the “Search Descriptions” button and titles with descriptions containing the word(s) you entered will be listed. Click on the title you wish to view.

4)      View all of LLMC’s Online Holdings
Go to “Online Holdings” under “Online Service”. A list of titles and volumes available online are listed. A link to the title information page as well as a link to the actual title online is also listed.

5)      View newly uploaded holdings
Go to “Recent Online Updated” under “Online Service.” The titles that have been added and updated to the online site will be listed. Also listed are the OCLC number, online and fiche holdings of the title, and links to the title information page and the actual title online. There is also an option to view what was uploaded in the previous months.

Once at the title information page, there is a vast amount of information and options. We will use Alabama Supreme Court Reports seen below as an example.


As seen with the Alabama reports, there is a brief description of the title at the top followed by a table.  The table contains the volume run of the title, LLMC Holdings and Preservation Holdings. 

The LLMC Holdings contains:
1)      Fiche Count: If LLMC has the volume on fiche, the number of fiche is listed.
2)      DOF Count: If LLMC has the volume on Digital Origin Fiche (DOF), the number of DOF fiche is listed.
3)      Online: If the volume is available on, a “Y” is listed.
4)      Paper Backup: A “Y” is listed, if LLMC is preserving a paper copy.

Under Preservation Holdings, there is a column for Columbia (COL),  Columbia Law Library, one of the leading LIPA Preservation Libraries.  As this example shows, Columbia has hardcopy for each volume of this title and is pledged to archive this title indefinitely. However, it uses the “I” symbol in a number of the volume boxes to indicate that it would welcome better-condition copies for those volumes. There is a column on the far right (TBA) for future LIPA preservation libraries. Clicking on the library (COL) will bring up the volume run for the title, the quality of the volume that Columbia is preserving as well as any notes they wrote for the volume or title.  Also, listed is the contact information for the preservation library.

From the title information page, you can also donate books or commit to preserving books. Click here for more information/instructions on doing this. There is also an option to view “Fiche Holdings.” This lists the volume run as well as the cost to purchase fiche from LLMC by volume as well as for the entire title. It also has the fiche magnification LLMC filmed it on whether it be 24x or 42x. 

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