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This title-locator option is based upon a rough “form classification.” You can work your way down through the category and sub-category listings to a specific title. If you know the exact name of a title, you may prefer to use the “Search Title” option.

When a title is found, clicking on it will activate a table detailing the full LLMC and LIPA holdings for that title down to the volume level. If that title also is available online, the link “Available Online” will appear. Clicking on that link will take subscribers directly to the digital version offered on LLMC-Digital. 

The tabs heading the separate table for each title (“Donate Title” and “Preserve Title”) relate to the LLMC/LIPA hardcopy preservation program. For complete instructions on participating in that program, see the “About LIPA” tab on our Home page. 

Online Totals = 6,900 titles, 82,010 volumes, 49,670,527 pp
(Serials = 926 as of May 2014)

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