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Mission Statement
LLMC is a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to the twin goals of, preserving legal titles and government documents on film, while making copies inexpensively available either in microfiche format or digitally through its on-line service LLMC-Digital. LLMC provides libraries with a reliable and budget-friendly source of film and/or digital replacement when their older, physically deteriorating books became too burdensome to store given diminished use. While aiding libraries in their preservation and space recovery programs, it also provides an economical way to complete retrospective collections.

The Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC), was chartered in 1976 as a non-profit Hawaii corporation and is classed as a 501(c)(3) entity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.It is independent and self-governing, with its affairs being managed by a Board of Directors and Advisory Council elected directly by the libraries it serves. In the fiche era Board members were elected by the participating libraries under a weighted voting system which reflected each library’s long term support of the project. At their plenary annual meeting in July of 2002, the LLMC Participating Libraries deeded all of the assets and goodwill of LLMC-Fiche to a new structure managed by the Charter Members of the new digital service LLMC-Digital. LLMC-Digital is an on-line utility providing access to the law and law-related collections developed by LLMC.

 LLMC's Board of Directors meets twice a year and conducts its business in the interim by mail, fax, phone and E-mail. Since this serves the convenience of the greatest number of member libraries, the annual meeting of the LLMC-Digital Charter Members is held during the annual convention of the American Association of Law Libraries. Assisting the LLMC Board of Directors in its work is an 18-member, multinational, Advisory Council, also elected by the LLMC-Digital Charter Members. Councilors are consulted on major changes in corporate policies and provide input on the selection of new targets for filming projects. The names of those currently serving on both the Board of Directors and Advisory Council are as follows:

LLMC 2013/2014 governing structure:
The final year of each person’s term is listed behind their name.

Board of Directors:

Jerry Dupont Bd. Chair & Content Developer (2014)
Barbara Garavaglia Dir., U. Mich L.L. (2016)
Joe Hinger Dir. Tech Serv., St. John’s U.L.L. (2015)
Marcia Koslov Dir., Los Angeles L.L. (2014)
Kent McKeever Dir., Columbia U.L.L. (2016)
Anne Matthewman Dir., Dalhousie U.L.L. (2017)
Kathleen Richman LLMC Exec. Dir. (ex officio)
Judy Russell Dean, U.Florida Libraries (2017)
Regina Smith Dir., Jenkins L.L. (2015)

Advisory Council:
John Barden Dir., Maine St. Law & L.R.L. (2014)
Neil Campbell Dir., U. Victoria (CA) L.L. (2016)
Darin Fox U. Oklahoma L.L. (2014)
Judith Gaskell Dir., U.S.Sup.Ct.L. (2014)
Jolande Goldberg Sen.Cat.Policy spec., LC (2016)
Jonathan Franklin Asso. Libn. U.Wash. L.L. (2015)
Louis Mirando Osgoode Hall L.L. (2016)
Ralph Monaco Hd. Libn., N.Y.L.I. Lib. (2015)
Marie Newman Dir., Pace U.L.L. (2014)
Scott Pagel Dir., George Washington U.L.L. (2015)
Michelle Pearse Libn., Harvard U.L.L. (2017)
Jeanne Price Dir., U.Nevada-Las Vegas L.L. (2016)
Carol Roehrenbeck Dir., Rutgers-N. U.L.L. (2014)
Mark Podvia Dickinson S.L.L.L. (2016)
Richard Tuske Hd. Libn., Assn.Bar C.N.Y. L.L. (2015)
Jules Winterton Libn. I.A.L.S. (2015)
Sally Wise Dir., U.Miami L.L. (2015)
Michelle Wu Dir., Georgetown U.L.L. (2014)

Kathleen Richman ­ Executive Director
Jerry Dupont ­ Assoc.  Dir. for Content Mngmt.
Stephen Wiles ­ Asst. Dir. Content Development
Michael Twu ­ Production & Technology Manager
Jarrett Helm Workflow & Office Manager

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