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Mission LLMC, a non-profit cooperative of libraries, is dedicated to – and passionate about – its twin goals: 1) Preserving legal titles and government documents, and 2) Making this valuable content accessible and searchable.

Preservation LLMC members receive a high quality source of digital or film replacement for their older, physically deteriorating books, while ensuring the preservation of the texts in multiple formats. In addition to the digital images captured in our scanning program and backed up on multiple servers, images are “written” to archival-quality Silver-Halide film as a second safe storage medium. Finally, the original paper blocks of scanned books are preserved in ideal dark-archive space leased by LLMC in salt mines in Kansas.

Access Titles available through a LLMC-Digital online subscription (see “Online Service” tab above) and titles available for purchase in microfiche format (see “Microfiche Program” tab above) increase regularly. For current listings of the thousands of titles available in one or both formats see “Search Holdings” tab above.


Extern Scanning Sites - Library of Congress, LA Law Library, Saint Louis Univ, George Washington Univ and Univ of Hawaii LLMC collaborates with select libraries to digitize and catalog thousands of rare, valuable collections, including: Native American documents; international content such as Haitian legal titles; Canon and Civil Law; Pacific Island and Hawaiian State Archives materials.

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